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Top 5 Italian restaurants to visit in Bangalore

Craving for comfort food and wondering where to go…then fret not, as we bring you a list of the top five Italian restaurants where you can go and satiate your yearning with delicious food which will enliven your senses.

Bangalore is definitely a city where people
love to wine and dine in style. The choice of restaurants always seems to be altering as something new pops up every second day in our cosmopolitan metropolis. But then there are a few restaurants which we love to visit and re-visit as it has everything to offer that we ideally look for in an eatery. Good ambience, warm reception, pleasant music and above all ‘The Gourmet food’. This week gives you a lowdown on the top five Italian places to try in the city.

Little Italy: Little Italy pioneered the romance associated with Italian cuisine in India. It’s is one of fewest veg Italian restaurants in the city that people don’t complain about. Little Italy serves the finest Italian Cuisine in our city and it definitely tops our list. Their array of starters, mouthwatering pizzas and delicious pastas are to truly die for. The ambience of the place is simple and the service is very efficient. If you are on 100ft road then this is one place you cannot be missing. And yes always make your reservations because this place is never empty.

Via Milano: The next on our list is undoubtedly the uber cool restaurant Via Milano. This fine dining eatery not only boasts of great ambiance but also serves exotic Italian fare. The carefully thought out menu highlights unique antipasti which reflects the best of the season, freshly made pizzas, inventive pasta dishes and also features many vegetarian, stewed, roasted, baked and grilled dishes. Via Milano creates an ambiance filled with warmth, buoyancy and light heartedness of the Italian spirit.

Fireflies: The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when someone mentions Fireflies is the ‘ambiance’. Yes both the indoor and the outdoor setting of the restaurant is extremely breathtaking and you will certainly not mind going there again and again.  While the indoor space reflects an aura of opulence and class, the terrace seating echoes of a casual dining area.Fireflies located on Lavelle Road serves the most authentic Italian cuisine in the city. Their thin crust pizza is to lust for and the range of pastas is extremely delicious.

Spiga:  This restaurant situated on St. Marks Road is so classy that it instantly
transports you to a different country. The white walls and the blinds uplift the aesthetics of this already beautiful place. Spiga meals are extremely delicious and rich in flavour. The presentation of food is so fabulous that it will make you binge more and more. You can’t afford to miss the pasta as they come with a generous drizzle of Olive oil, and the Oreo Cheese cake is the best in the city.

Toscano: Located on the top floor of UB City, Toscano comes as a boon to those who love Italian Cuisine. The ambience is so flamboyant that it will reckon you of the eateries in Italy. Toscano serves a variety of pastas; pizza’s along with an extensive range of non vegetarian dishes that you can’t afford to miss. The lasagna served here is so lip smacking that you will forget everything else in this world.

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suzie Jan 09th, 2013 06:00 PM

the best destination for Italian food is def Bene at Sheraton Bangalore. a lil high priced but trust me, you wil get both quality 

preram May 18th, 2012 02:27 PM

Ate at Little Italy, by far the worst food I have eaten. The tomato sauce was too sour, seemed like they used tomato paste. It left an after taste. Will surely not go there again. My husband had the buffet and he enjoyed the pizza and cheese cake.

nishita Feb 09th, 2012 12:21 PM

via milano sucksss big timeee!!!!! their quantity is they are serving you gold  for that price...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sm Jul 23rd, 2011 02:21 AM

I have tried Little Italy, Via Milano and Toscano...but nothing still beats Little Italy. It has the best veg italian...amazed at how they same up with so many veg dishes...

Pri Jul 22nd, 2011 10:16 AM

FYI Italia is not in Taj....Its at the Park....

Spo0nman Jul 21st, 2011 04:17 PM

What happened to Italia in the Taj? Did you forget about it? For my money it's the best italian resturant in Blr

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