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Top 5 unique and wacky dessert options to try in Bangalore

If you are tired of the same old desserts, try some of these wacky and delightful creations!

Red Pumpkin in Vodka with Basil Rabdi - CounterCultureRed Pumpkin in Vodka with Basil Rabdi - CounterCulture

It’s all about “Fusion Cooking” now.
Though food puritans might abhor the word fusion, with the advent of the foodie culture, chefs are now open to experimenting with new flavours and textures. We bring to you a list of five very unique and wacky options for desserts in Bangalore.

Red Pumpkin in Vodka with Basil Rabdi - CounterCulture
Red Pumpkin in Vodka with Basil Rabdi, at CounterCulture is an ingenious culinary concoction. The sweetness of the red pumpkin balances out the bitterness of the basil rabdi. The basil rabdi is not too overwhelming but has a very unique flavour to it. The presence of vodka definitely gives it a kick. A winning combination indeed!

Beer Jelly and Ginger Ice Cream - Touche
Touche's signature dessert, the Beer Jelly and Ginger Ice Cream, comes beautifully decorated with a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Yes! You heard it right the jelly is made of beer and has a sharp taste which lingers after every bite.  The ice cream is a delightful combination of ginger and vanilla ice cream. It balances out the strong taste of beer and gives it a refreshing spin.

Garlic Kheer - Vivanta By Taj, Whitefield
Imagine eating a kheer, which you would swear is full of almond slivers. And then having to swallow your words when you discover it's in fact cloves of garlic! Garlic Kheer, is a specialty of Vivanta by Taj, prepared by their chef from Lucknow. The garlic flavour is so subtle you would never know until told. It’s rich in taste and simply melts in your mouth. (Definitely better than any kheer).

Paan Ice cream - The Great Kabab Factory
After a rich meal of kababs and biryani, you’d generally opt for a digestive paan. But how about trying something more innovative? The Paan ice cream served at The Great Kabab Factory is a perfect blend of ice cream and sweet paan chunks. It has the rich taste of Gulkand and teases your taste buds with its distinctive flavour. Its digestive nature is apt as a sweet end to a great meal at TGKF.

Chocolate Gujjiya - Tattv
Gujiyas are deep-fried stuffed sweet pastry, generally made with mawa and dry fruits like raisins, cashews and pista. The Chocolate Gujjiya at Tattv is a beautiful dessert, made all through and through with gooey dark chocolate, topped with walnuts and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This unique pairing of  chocolate with Gujjiya makes this sweet pastry rather fanciful.

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