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Top 5 Coffee places to visit in Bangalore

Ditch the boring Café Coffee Day outlets for your coffee cravings and move on to something swankier and distinguished. We know a lot can happen over coffee, Perhaps we just help you understand that better.

The wafting aroma of roasted coffee
beans slowly awakens our senses while a fine cup of latte instantly lifts up our soul. And as every day comes and goes the love for caffeine increases in our hearts becoming inseparable from our lives and like the saying goes, ‘A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent’. A cuppa of hot coffee never goes out fashion and it can barely stay out of anyone’s life even for a day.  With monsoons hitting the metropolis, the craving for the most loved beverage seems to be getting bigger. So while you enjoy your drives in the rain we help you pick up your ideal coffee from the city’s best offerings.

Costa Coffee
This is the new offering to the city which boasts of everything premium in nature. The UK chain of coffee believes in premium flavours which are very evident in its colour and taste in their coffees like Costa cappuccino, café latte, latte caramel latte, Americano. You can also try the iced latte and shakes.
PS: We love the Americano and café latte here with Banana marble cakes and muffins.

Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s situated on the plush 100ft road has a simple outdoor and indoor seating. This simple café offers few of the finest coffee’s in town. You can choose your pick from the variety of coffee blends like GJC Iced Coffee, GJC Special Espresso Blend, GJC original Iced Chocolate, and Crème Brulee, Coco Loco. And don’t forget to take time to order the quick bites which will make for a perfect accompaniment with your cup of hot coffee. But ideally speaking our pick at Gloria Jean’s would be their Vanilla and Irish coffee.
PS: Their range of pastries are a bite straight from the heaven. Don’t forget to try their Dutch Truffle pastry. I am sure you would thank us when you dig on that wicked bite.


Ever since Matteo opened its doors on Church Street it redefined the coffee culture in our city and thank God for it (Finally the unexciting Coffee Day’s has a competition now). Matteo is one of the biggest coffee shops that Bangalore’s proudly boast off. And at any given point of time you will never find this place empty as it is always brewing with coffees and conversations. Try their specialties like a rich creamy shake or simply settle for the tried and tested cappuccino.  But our pick at Matteo would undoubtedly be the Caramel Latte; the taste of caramel is so soothing that you can’t stop at one. Do try their brown bread sandwich with French fries. It makes for a perfect pick on a balmy afternoon. And pasta on the menu is an added advantage and gets our vote.
PS: If you have a sweet tooth then you simply can’t afford to miss their variety of cheese cake. They are by far the best in the city.

Café Noir

Café Noir in UB City is definitely one of the swankiest café’s in our city. And when it is in UB it ought to be the best. Café Noir comes as a boon to people who love staring at the sky while sipping on the hot cuppa of kofi.
And at Café Noir you will never be disappointed as the extensive menu has just about everything to cater to your hunger pangs. Their blend of cold coffees comes in an extremely huge glass which prompts you to sit back and relax and soak up the sun.  
PS: what we like about Café Noir is definitely the ambience and their range of smoothies. The French fries served in a glass is an interesting twist to the appetizer. The omelet served at the café is definitely a ten on ten.


The laid back ambience of Mocha finds itself many takers and every Bangalorean has a unique fascination towards this coffee shop. And most people love this place for its hookah, but then it’s the coffee which simply wins over the hearts of people.  It’s a great place to unwind with friends over coffee, conversations and more. The seating is very colourful and the air caries a waft of the hookah smokes making it different from other cafes in the city.
PS: Try their latte’s with maggi in white sauce and Panini’s.

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Alee Jul 07th, 2012 10:16 AM

I had a picollo latte in ORIGIN ESPESSO BAR. It was so full of flavour and had a enticing aftertaste.The bar is in the style of the third wave cafes of the world. ie back to basic confort with timber panelling. The food is very european fingerfood, designed to be eaten with the piccolo latte or if you are game a trurely oustanding restretto made by Bangalores upcoming keen Baristas. Unfortunatly it is located in the EGL IT park in domular.

dhara Jul 25th, 2011 01:46 PM

i soo totally agree with what u have said about mocha....
its latte with the garden fresh panini is dayumm good...Its got a very beautiful ambience too..its a good place to go n chill

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