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Venture Tuesday: Music memorabilia and more at Hysteria

Hysteria is a one-of –its-kind music lounge in the city which caters to everything that music has to offer otherwise. Get hysteric at Hysteria.

Music memorabilia and more at Hysteria Photos: HysteriaMusic memorabilia and more at Hysteria Photos: Hysteria

'Great minds talk about ideas, average minds
talk about events and small minds talk about people.' But when music lovers Vineet Sethi and Manu Singh got together amidst their hectic corporate lives, the crux of the conversations always revolved around one thing, ‘dreams that they wanted to touch upon’.  And within no time they forfeited their lucrative banking jobs as they could no longer take the sight of their incessantly yelling boss, the maddening peak hour traffic, the immaculate formal wear which remained wrinkle free unlike their faces which often looked cringed due to the never-ending tension of meeting deadlines. 

And yes the most important factor ‘boredom’ is what paved their way to nurture their dream of being entrepreneurs. “Corporate lifestyle can get really get nerve-wracking and monotonous. It was so repetitious that day after day we were only doing the same thing and we really didn’t want to get cynical and paunchy after 30,” quips Vineet Sethi, co-owner of his dream store Hysteria. “We firmly believe we have an ear for good music, taste for the good things in life, nose for finding out the best and an eye for good looking stuff,” says Vineet showing me around his beautiful store. And as I walked across the counter I realized that Hysteria is a boon to the music lovers in the city and across…don’t get us wrong it’s not another music shop with stacks of cd’s and mp3’s. It has much more to it.

Hysteria is a music lounge which takes music to another level by giving an individual a fine chance of incorporating music in their everyday life. They have music inspired tees for your wardrobe, fancy clocks which will simply adorn the walls of your bachelor pad. The bobblehead’s of Elvis is sure enough to make you groove to his fascinating music the minute you cast your eyes on it. The incredible range of posters of music legends will make the rock star in you come alive.  They also have a variety of miniature guitars which would perfectly find its place on your book shelf adding an element of rhythm and glamour to your confined space.

And if you are the macho sorts and wish to add a dash of music to your wrist then the wrist bands are just made for you. And for those who love ripping on their bikes the fancy caps available at the store will ensure that your hair is kept neat.
Hysertia thus is a perfect one stop store for music accessories, apparels and art works. And I couldn’t take my eyes off the Frank Sinatra’s portrait which said, “You gotta love living baby..cause dying is a pain in the a**,” how true is what I uttered all the while. Go grab your pick before someone else takes it away. You can definitely satisfy your alter ego here!! Happy music shopping!
The prices range from Rs: 200 to 6000/- Hysteria now boasts of an online store or connect with them on Facebook


Opp to Ruby's Tuesday
Church Street, Bangalore Map

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manmohan ahluwalia Jul 12th, 2011 11:54 PM

I have read quite a few articles on HYSTERIA LIVE THE MUSIC,this write up takes the cake,i am proud of Manu

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