Why creating a 'Personal Brand' is important?

According to a recent survey from Kelly Global Workforce Index, which surveyed approximately 134,000 people, creating your personal brand is key to employment opportunities.

What are you known for?
How do you communicate to friends, colleagues, and decision-makers? Businesses with big consumer brands have a strategy and typically one, unified voice. But what about you? It’s time to sell your own personal brand and create a footprint that represents your future goals. Individuals are increasingly taking the initiative to create their own personal “brand” in order to enhance employment prospects and remain competitive in the fast-changing workplace, according to the latest survey results from workforce solutions leader Kelly Services.

The findings are part of the Kelly Global Workforce Index, which obtained the views of approximately 134,000 people in 29 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. “In taking control of their careers, a strong personal brand becomes critical for individuals in helping to differentiate themselves and gain future employment,” says Kelly Services Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, George Corona. “Many people are now embracing the idea of operating as ‘free agents,’ and accepting responsibility for managing their own careers and enhancing their marketability.”

When it comes to marketing their personal attributes, across the globe the survey revealed all respondents worldwide identify verbal communication skills as the most important element to creating a personal brand, followed by technical knowledge, résumés, written communications, personal attire, and use of social media. “People are also willing to invest in improving their skills or change careers. In fact, approximately two-thirds of respondents are willing to spend their own money to upgrade their skills, while more than half believe they will change their careers or re-invent themselves in the future.” he says.

Giving out a few tips, Parul Shah, a Personality Development Trainer says, “Marketing is all about positioning - use it to position and differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Determine your USP - What can help to make you stand out from your current competition? Also I think Facebook and LinkedIn are two wonderful ways to brand yourself and what you like to do. Make sure you fill out all the options, what you like, don’t like, previous work experience and the sort. Just be careful though on confidential information though, use some common sense. Always dress to impress and you probably will.”

She further adds,” Instead of just trying to 'fit in', try and be 'innovative'. It doesn't mean having to be cleverer than others; it just means applying a little more attentiveness. List your specific career goals for the next few years, and put a strategic plan together to get there. And finally the most important thing is be clear and make your case with conviction, but never be arrogant or uncompromising.”

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Rosemary Davies-Janes Jul 06th, 2011 03:00 AM

Yes! A distinctive, effective, authentic personal brand CAN be the ticket to a successful career or professional enterprise.  
As a pioneer in the personal branding business, since 1998 I have seen effective personal brands make that difference in hundreds of peoples lives

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