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Flying Dog and Rouge Beers

The beer list on your favourite pub’s menu just got a bit longer. Find out who the new entrants are in the Bangalore beer market.  

Imagine a surprise when you walk into a bar on a Sunday evening and a beer company gives you 2 beers on the house when you buy four of their beers. While there may be no such thing as a free lunch, Take 5 in Indiranagar was giving away beer to promote the launch of the Flying Dog & Rouge Beers in the city.

Nikhil, the founder of Nilarya trading company that introduces these beers to India, told us that Take 5 was the right venue to promote two brands of American Micro brewery beers. Most of the Belgian beers in town have been brought thanks to Nikhil and he promptly always chooses Take 5 as the launch venue.

Between the two beers, there are also four unique flavorful ales. Snake Dog Indian Pale Ale is a distinctly styled ale; the Double Dog Pale Ale is highly malted while being pale in nature giving it its higher alcohol content; St.Rouge Red Ale is classic American Ale ; the Rouge Brutal Bitter is styled after English bitter ales with English malts while the hops come from Oregon, US. All four are typical American Microbrewery beers; brought to India for the first time and have the potential to appeal to consumers with a sense of discovery and adventure. American Micro breweries generally are known to experiment with traditional Belgian & British styles of beer brewing which is made with locally grown hops to create their own taste. Like most other Belgian beers, these ales also do have branded glasses. These are very bohemian and attractively done glassware.

Quite a few Take 5 regulars and Indiranagar socialites joined the launch of the American Microbrewery beers amidst a blues rock & jazz performance by Sean Michel of American Idol fame last week. These beers also promoted with similar events at Bflat and Sunny`s.  

All the four varieties are now available evening retail wine stores. Priced at Rs180 for a 330 ml bottle, they are a bit expensive, thanks to our excise policy. For home delivery contact Bangalore Beers & Wines in Jayanagar at 9845132374.


The Author Sesank is a 9-5 Charted Accountant who moonlights as a bartender at Take 5. He is also a travel enthusiast who believes that a culture of a place is in its bars
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