From Marsupials to marketing.

On World Photography Day, we profile Sudhir Ramacahndran , a top lensman from the city. a man who has mastered photography and marketing, his table top where books on photography and the wall street journal share equal space is the best definition the photographer.

How did you get into photography?
I started with photography in those years in South Africa. I started with wildlife photography and later I got into rally racing and that that gave me the opportunity to do rally photography. My parent preferred it that my involvement with rallies was with being behind the camera than behind the wheel. So there started my photography. Then I moved with my child and wife to Chennai and now here I am.

What has photography meant to you?
Photography is one of the most exciting mediums where one can express oneself. It is also an exciting science and art; anybody can take a picture all they need is a camera, but the ability to communicate through images to a relevant audience is a skill that few possess, I think very few have actually mastered that. That is key, I am sure each person carrying a camera trusts he or she is the best or at least believes is good at what he or she does but that is not it.

At what point do you think a photographer realizes he is good at what he does?
If you take a look at the walls anywhere in this office you will not find one picture of mine that is hung and the reason for that is, after all these years I still do not believe that I have found that image that expresses my inner self, I want to learn always. I still attend workshops and like interacting with new and upcoming photographers, there is a lot to learn from them. It takes time to reach that level when one believes that he has created something that can communicate with the person seeing it.

How do think digital photography has affected photography today?
Well I don’t think it has made anything easier, as far as the art is concerned. Because it was never about the camera, it was about the photographer and what and how he sees it. With digital you are so busy creating that people do not venture further inside themselves or to reflect on images. It is quick it about clicking and seeing the result but there is so often a lack of depth.

What is close to your heart, advertising or photojournalism?
I’m not into journalism, but if you are talking about editorial and other issues in society, that is what I live to do. I take one week in a month to myself and do the kind of photography I like to do. I find myself in the streets or at temple festivals. That is a sudhir Ramachandran that few know. But, then commercial photography made me what I’m today. Advertising has given me the leverage to do whatever I like to do. Whatever I do I’d like to do it in my own style and do not like to conform to conservative styles.
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