Lou Majaw entertains Dylan fans in the city.

Posted by adithimathews  |  24. August 2009

Musician and one of the biggest fan of Bob Dylan was in the city to treat music lovers to a one of a kind tribute night.

Long grey hair, a cowboy hat and denim shorts are musician Lou Majaw’s trademark gear, but there is no forgetting the artist behind this image. Popularly known as one of Bob Dylan’s biggest fans from the North East, Majaw entertained the city with classic Dylan numbers at the Bob Dylan Tribute night at BFlat.

Born in Shillong in 1947, Majaw’s was first introduced to the sounds of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. A self taught guitarist, he moved to Calcutta and started his journey as a musician by performing in clubs and bars with groups such as the Dynamite Boys, Vanguards, Supersound Factory and Blood and Thunder. Majaw can be called a veteran of sorts as he contributed immensely to the music scene in the north east and influenced many musicians to play original music. As music columnist D’com puts it “Conviction, feeling and music straight from the soul – that’s Lou Majaw for you. Modest about his talents but a most willing showman, Shillong’s enduring rock pioneer developed a style of guitar playing which, probably thanks to its firm foothold in the blues, can be both incendiary and gentle in equal measure. He is unquestionably the most accomplished musician of his time from north-east India.”

Majaw was introduced to Bob Dylan’s music in the year 1966. Greatly inspired by the legendary folk singers work and music, he organised the ‘Dylan’s Birthday Concert’ in Shillong on the 24th May 1972. The event is still organised every year and has gone on to gain international fame 32 years since its inception. Now called the ‘Bob Dylan Jayanthi’ the event has many people from across the globe traveling to Shillong to witness the concert. The most awaited part of the concert is when Majaw takes the stage with his band ‘The Great Society’ and performs Dylan’s numbers with his signature flamboyance.  

At 62, Majaw is considered a pioneer when it comes to not only playing Dylan’s covers, but also original music. He treated people to many famous Dylan numbers such as Knocking on heavens door, Everybody must get stoned etc, along with his originals, which set the mood for Bangaloreans on a perfect August evening. For those who want to see musician set the stage on fire in Bangalore again, watch this space for more.

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