Scratching for a living and loving it!

If you love music and want to club it with having a good time, maybe DJing could be your calling. Read on to know more

DJing isn’t just about mixing songs. Skills such as song selection, sequencing and proper mixing are an inherent part of it and it surely isn’t everybody’s forte. The music they play does the talking for them and to hold the audience’s mood is his biggest challenge. Though Bangalore’s nightlife has been quite the spoiler these days with the deadline seeping in, there is no dearth of DJs in the city. There is no dearth of work for them either and Bangaloreans are still signing up for DJ courses with equal gusto. Let alone the social life that comes with the job, this field is extremely competitive and a people’s skill in its own regard. Dj Sasha says, “DJing as a career is actually more viable right now. More people are aware of what a DJ is. And it does not really matter where you are playing when you are starting off.”

With innumerable training courses for DJs across the city, getting started on the business is a lot easier now. Knowing one’s music is just the first step, learning how the industry works, what sells where, marketing, event management and communication skills play a major role. This is where the schools help give an edge for those who want to take it up as a profession. The only other way probably could be to assist a DJ but, the world of DJing out there is vast and highly competitive. Producing a cohesive musical atmosphere and reaching out to the crowd does not come with the music alone. How one presents it is surely an art. The digital focus has shifted to the art of DJing too. Sasha who hit off by just trial and error says, “The most important thing is having a good ear for music. The technicalities are not all that mind boggling. One can pick it by himself. Yes schools will definitely make it much easier and you would not have to waste time in trial and error.”

City based training school EMDI Institute of Media and Communication is one such school offering a course in DJing. Jaya Jain of EMDI says, “Everyone has a passion for music and try their hand at DJ’ing using the virtual softwares that are available these days. Sensing the hunger for knowledge in DJ’ing amongst the youth today, we have clubbed with DJ TT and Other Dj’s of repute to bring about a certificate course for enthusiasts who love to entertain & have the basic sense of rhythm.” Most of these courses operate on two levels, the basic and the advanced. “In order to give the student a 360 degree understanding in what DJ’ing is all about, we’ve included topics such as licenses and public relations to the curriculum apart from many others.”, adds Jaya.

City DJs feel Bangalore is actually a better place to start off compared to other cities. DJ Sasha says, “Bangalore is a very decent platform to hit it off as a DJ. Yes the time constraint has come to place but there are nice clubs here and a decent crowd. Take Mumbai for example; there are way too many DJs out there. To make your mark and get noticed, Bangalore is a good choice.”

“Where else can you find an institute that encourages their students to go to a club and get high? But there is a catch, there always is! We only encourage our students to get high on the music and bring life to the party. We aren’t responsible if you get drunk & pass out!”, warns Jaya.

Making the parties happen, life would be one big party with opportunities in the field getting brighter by the day. Make the world dance to your tunes!

So if you want to make music your career, sign up for a course in DJing!

EMDI Institute of Media & Communication - Bangalore

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Spin Cykle

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