The ‘spirit’ of Independence

Bangalore’s popular watering holes shook up some hot cocktails in celebration of Independence Day. MyBangalore takes you on a cocktail recce from the I-Day weekend.

Celebrating the spirit of freedom is different in different countries. In the US for example, the 4th of July is celebrated as Independence Day where, “4th of July” cocktails are a pretty popular culture. The Americans celebrate the occasion by designing a cocktail menu that fits the theme of ‘Independence’. Whether you want to stick with short and neat Martinis, serve tall sippers or fire up the blender for frozen delights, there are colorful options available to paint their drinks in their national colours red blue and white. They call them patriotic cocktails and coin amazingly creative names to their drinks such as Air Force One & American Dream to Chapel Hill and Kentucky Kiss, in honor of certain locations.

How did we do in Bangalore? MyBangalore made a few pit stops at a few bars in the city that serve some of the most popular food and cocktails.

Our first stop was Barbeque Nation on 100 feet road Indiranagar. Samrat, F&B manager, is eagerly waiting to whip his version of Freedom. He thinks Vodka is a light spirit and flavour less drink that freely mixes with any combination of juices & syrups. Vodka takes a lot of flack, and often with good reason. But for the dedicated cocktail types, we have to come to terms with vodka. Samrat created three drinks, but lets dig into the longest one. Freedom here is a long layered drink built with Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Pineapple Juice, topped with Mango Soda. Samrat thinks freedom is the free will to do just anything your heart desires. Any freedom should be premise based.

We next head to Cirrus, located #765, 5th Floor, 100 Ft. Road, Indiranagar, A ‘young place’ with two sections- one indoors and another alfresco. This is a bar of two halves: half the regulars love to hang out outside on the alfresco balcony, where they can escape the restrictive dictats of the smoking ban, while the other half engages in intense conversations at the tables indoors. Elvis Peppin, at the bar here muddles Australian oranges, tops them with loads of ice, pours a generous dose of vodka with a splash of sour mix. To add zing, he adds Sprite on Top. Nice and cold, it’s a sweet sour drink and the oils from the orange skin make it perfect to go with that afternoon brunch!!!

Destination Three is Take 5, an honest Bangalorean watering hole with its mix of Belgian ales and lagers at the bar. . On any given evening this place is generally humming with good- natured after-work drinkers and some real nice P3 faces as well. The bar here is charmed by “Yours Truly” and my invention for this concept takes the form of a shooter. Freedom to me is being able to drink whenever & wherever I care, hehe! & I break free with Tequila!! My freedom is a Tequila Sour (Tequila, Lime & Sugar shaken on ice). A layered bottom of green apple syrup and a topping of dark rum. Does it look the Indian tricolour? Set the drink aflame and shoot through!!!

Last Stop: Bflat , If you are drinking on 100 ft road, then a must stop is Bflat. It somehow fits with the upscale drinking dens: Big yet intimate, sexy but not sleazy. An upstairs restaurant and a busy ground floor candle light lounge bar. Given the classy nature of the clientele, We expect a great deal from Xavier, the chef behind the bar here. And he does live up to that expectation. He muddles mint leaves first and proceeds to work with infused Vodka. Cinnamon and Chilly infused vodka is poured into the shaker with the muddled mint. A Dash of sour mix and Monin`s spicy syrup. Shaken with love on ice, Xavier pours it gently into a Martini glass & garnishes with mint leaves. What you get is a tangy, spicy and its just at the right temperature. Be gentle with it, may be keep a sugar cube next to you!!

If these cocktails have got you thristy, maybe you can just head to these Bangalore Bars and ask them shake up an Independence cocktail. Cheers! 
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