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Attention Deficit Disorder: Could you be suffering from it?

There are many people who have ADD but fail to understand the disorder and may pass it off as something trivial. As a result they do not get the right treatment. Know ADD and its symptoms so you can be better informed.

Life is no piece of cake and hence it’s okay to find yourself feeling flustered every now and then, it happens to the best of us. But if you are distracted, always late and disorganized or overwhelmed with your duties and responsibilities then you may be suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. 

Many of us think that ADD only occurs in children but that is not completely true; there are many adults who suffer from ADD as well. In many cases if an individual is diagnosed with ADD at a small age he/she can carry some of the symptoms into adulthood. But even if you were never diagnosed with ADD when you were a kid, it is not completely impossible for you to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult. 

Individuals suffering from ADD find it very difficult to cope with life’s many problems but there are many ways by which you can overcome this disorder. The most important step is learning about the signs and symptoms, because once you are aware of the difficulties, you can learn how to make the most of your strengths. 

Signs and symptoms of ADD
  • Trouble focusing and concentrating: You may be easily distracted, having difficulty focusing or paying attention. You also may find yourself overlooking details, and struggling to complete any of your work. 
  • Tendency to forget and disorganization: Staying organized is difficult in adult life; there are too many things that you need to keep a track of. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, have trouble starting or finishing projects, forgetting important appointments, then you may be suffering from ADD. 
  • Restfulness or hyperactivity: You get bored easily and crave for some excitement and thrill. You have feels of inner restlessness and agitation. 
  • Hyperfocus: People with ADD may lose focus in things that are uninteresting but they also have a tendency to become absorbed in activities that they are passionate about. This symptom is known as hyperfocus. This usually is a coping mechanism for distraction, the results can be positive when channeled into meaningful activities but they may also harm private life if they are left unchecked. Emotional problems: You may find yourself de-motivated, feeling low and insecure. 
  • Impulsivity: You may suffer from poor self-control. You act without thinking about the consequences. 

Effects of ADD
Not only does ADD affect work, it may also put stain on your family and love life. It may lead to many physical and mental health problems. There may be days when you feel like the whole world is out to get you but you need to keep calm and find a way to fight the disorder.

If you are suffering from ADD, then making some simple yet effective changes in your life can help make a big difference:
  • Make sure you get enough rest, 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day is essential.
  • Try and manage your time better so that you do not miss anything important
  • Eat healthy food and get some exercise to keep yourself fit
  • Put some effort into your personal life, don’t take loved ones for granted

However, if you feel that the symptoms are getting in your way and affecting you both mentally and physically, you may need to seek outside help. 
  • Professional trained in ADD may help you out by manage your time and boost your productivity
  • Marriage and family therapy can help address the problems that arise in your personal life. 
  • Support groups can also help in more than one ways. It provides the necessary motivation and feedback to help you keep fighting the disorder. 
  • Talk therapy can help cope with any emotional baggage that is holding you back from experiencing life. 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help identify your negative behavior and belief so that you can change for the better. 

Blasting MYTHS about ADD
Myth: ADD is simply a lack of will-power. It is actually a chemical problem in the management system of the brain.

Myth: A person suffering from ADD cannot suffer from other psychiatric problems. Actually in reality a person with ADD is more likely to suffer from other psychiatric or learning disorder

Myth: If you weren’t diagnosed with ADD as a kid, you cannot suffer from it when you are an adult. That is not true. Many adults fail to identify ADD and believed it to be something else. This is why they do not get the right treatment and continue to live with ADD. 

There are addresses listed below for clinics that can assist you with ADD related issues.

Dr Batras's Clinic, Koramanagala

#117,1st floor, 7th block, Opp Raheja Arcade,
Koramangala, Bangalore Map

91.80.4235.1267 to 69 91.80.4235.1274

The Homoeopath

#25, 3rd Main, KSRTC Layout,
J.P.Nagar-2nd Stage,
J P Nagar, Bangalore -560078 Map

91 - 80 – 2658 - 8920 91 - 98450 - 16756
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