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Campaign launched to protect historical monuments from graffiti

Sadly most monuments have become victims of ugly graffiti but however slogans declaring feelings of cupid struck couples will no longer adorn the historical monuments. The Karnataka History Academy has launched campaign to revive the monuments.

Historical Monuments defiled by modern day vandal Photograph: GoogleHistorical Monuments defiled by modern day vandal Photograph: Google

If there’s one hurdle for the tourism business in India it is the vandalism of monuments by the Indian residents themselves. Ancient structures have become victims of modern day vandals. Who show no regard to the place or context.  It is not just graffiti, historical sites and monuments are not treated with the care and reverence they deserve. 

But however, the government has finally woken up to this fact and slogans declaring a boy’s love for a girl, besides other feelings of cupid struck couples will no longer adorn the historical monuments in Karnataka, thanks to Karnataka History Academy (KHA), who will soon undertake a special drive to cleanse them of graffiti. 

The KHA and Directorate of Karnataka State Archealogical and Museum have joined hands to spread awareness on precious heritage through “Preserve historical Heritage Week’ The campaign which commenced here on Monday, includes workshops and processions in various cities and will involve National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers cleaning up monuments in the state.
 “Graffiti and scribblings by visitors and people who live around such monuments will be cleansed and restored by the treatment of a special chemical composition,” said V.S Malimath, State Law Commission Chairman. 

It is important to rid the monuments of these graffiti as many such writings are offensive and inappropriate, the official said citing a number of engravings on “love messages” and “personal signatures” of visitors. At some places the conservationists may not be able to rectify the engravings fully, due to the sensitivity of unique composition of the structure, but at a number of places efforts will bear success, the official said. 

Karnataka History Academy president Suryanath Kamat said “We have organized several workshops and seminars in many districts to create awareness about protecting and preserving monuments.” An exhibition of pictures of great monuments, sculptures, coins, inscriptions, old weapons, record papers and paintings was also held at the college as part of the programme.

He further added,” A lot of funds are spent on security, vigilance systems, solar fencing and general up keep of archaeological sites. People need to be aware of the country’s archaeological wealth and culture. Our best contribution is to be a responsible tourist and take pride in preserving our tourist locations for us and for our visitors,”

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shrey Feb 22nd, 2011 10:06 PM

it's very bad

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