IISc opens doors to Undergrads from 2011

Good news for all students who are looking for a good undergraduate program, IISc is planning to introduce a UG course that can help take the first step towards success.

One of Bangalore's premiere institutions Indian Institute of Science or IISc. Established back in the year 1909, it has become one of the top ranked institutes in the country. The degrees offered by this institute can be divided into two categories, Degrees by coursework and Degrees by Research and from 2011 the institute shall also offer undergraduate courses . All major universities across the world have proper UG courses that help students take the right step towards their future but in India, students do not have as many options therefore IISc is making a conscious effort to bridge the gap in education. 

Once the program gets the green signal, the institute shall offer a four year interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science programme. Taking inspiration from the program being offered at the California Institute of Technology, this particular proposal seeks to create human resources that can make positive contributions to industry, in the field of medicine or in research institutes. The UG course will combine both science and engineering although the primary focus would be on science.  

Also, the report presented by the committee, led by Yash Pal - a noted academic, has suggested that it be made mandatory for all the universities in the country to offer weighty undergraduate programmes. This particular proposal seeks to develop a much needed connection between undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In addition to the basic sciences, the interdisciplinary programme will also include the humanities namely philosophy and history.  

The institute shall probably witness growth and expansion in regards to the infrastructure along with human resources once the course is introduced.  
A professor says, ““The problems we face today are very different from those that needed to be addressed 100 years ago when the IISc began — we have issues such as environment and energy to contend with. These problems can only be solved through an interdisciplinary approach.” 

Although it was assumed a while back that the campus in Chitradurga would probably house the programme, it has been recently reported that the existing IISc campus would offer the undergraduate programme. Each batch comprising of about 50-200 students, the programme will most probably be small. Since the changing world calls for a mix of science and engineering, this UG course seeks to provide exactly that so as to make the students capable of contributing both in industry as well as in research. The program would be started in a number of fields including Physics, Biology, Math etc. It would also allow students to pick the minors and major after about three semesters.   

Prof Yash Pal had this to say about the course, “marvelous news and a move in the right direction.” He dismissed doubts and worries about losing research time and resources, “If you’re teaching an undergraduate programme, you’ll find that you will come across a certain energy and even questions that will widen the horizons of your research too. It is very valuable, and that is where you will get your best material from.”    

As you are already aware the admissions into the institute is no piece of cake but with loads of hard work and determination, it is possible for you to become a part of the world renowned institute.  

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B.Ratna priya Dec 13th, 2010 02:58 PM

  Iam studying 12th class please advice me the way to apply for under graduate courses in iisc. 

Rama Sridhar Aug 09th, 2010 08:24 PM

Excellent opportunity.Such a top class institute in Banglore is offering an Undergraduate course is great news.It is a BOON for Banglore children.We will be very happy if my son gets into this.

Ashwini kumar sahu Aug 09th, 2010 04:54 PM

This IISc is the renowned institution in india.This UG programme is essential those who are interested in reasearch line.

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