Script Writing as a career option

Script writing is a good career option for anyone who is interested in movies and writing. There are a couple of institutes in the country that can help sharpen your skills, at home and overseas,

With a variety of options available today, students no longer have to stick to the common or general when choosing a career path. There are many universities and organizations all across the globe that offers new and different courses that we hardly knew about a couple of years back. If you want to take the road less traveled and do something new then there is no better time then now. For anyone who is interested in writing and media, script writing courses are the best option. We all love watching films, sometimes we can even remember the lines of our favorite movies. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could actually write the dialogues for your favorite actors?  

A movie cannot even start without a scriptwriter. The scriptwriter is not only responsible for the story line of the movie but also creates the characters and the dialogue. Screenwriters often specialize in a specific genre which can be comedy, drama or sci-fi and the like. To become a successful screen-writer, it is not necessary that you have to attend a high-end film school or spend years gaining experience. It starts with the basic love for writing. Screen writers come from different walks of line and hence not one thinks exactly the same way as another which in turn helps make their writing unique and individual.  

In order to succeed in this particular field, you need to make life your teacher. Many screenwriters tend to base their plots and characters on real events therefore becoming a good screen writer starts by observing the world around you. Learn to see the bigger picture and turn all your interesting life experiences into stories that people can relate to. Of course it is not very easy to write stories and make them relatable to the public but with a little effort and a lot of hard work, you can become a good script-writer.  
Writing a script can take you some time therefore remember to keep your patience and be motivated at all times. Do not rush your stories; let the story unfold gradually because that way the end would be more fulfilling and meaningful. Another great advice that scriptwriters should always keep in mind is that you should never write solely for the money. Yes, the money is good but it makes more sense to write in order to let your creativity shine through and to share your insights with the world.  

There are several organizations in the country as well as abroad that offer screen writing courses that can help develop your talents and abilities. 

In Bangalore, CAPTURES Institute of Film Technology offers short term courses in script writing. The institute promises to provide more than just an education. It helps young minds to start off their career with the right skills and knowledge. The workshop is held for a period of eight days and it costs about Rs 12,500. Each batch has only 8 to 12 students due to which every student is guaranteed individual attention. The instructors help guide the students in the right direction since they have plenty of experience and knowledge. Along with script writing, the institute also offers courses in Film Direction and Cinematography.  

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Abroad, Goldsmiths University of London offers a year long course in scriptwriting. An undergraduate in any related field may apply for this course. For those who are not graduates will have to go through a qualifying examination. With your application, it’s necessary to send either a 10 page short story, or a 10 page short script or the opening 10 pages of a long script. The course helps students understand how film, television or radio scripts are created and treated. It includes workshops wherein the students may discuss their work with the rest of the class. At the end of the course, students need to create a feature film or a television or radio script.  
.e., you are not normally resident in a country which is in the European Union (EU) or in the European Economic Area (EEA). This office also deals with Visiting and Exchange Students (including those from EU/EEA countries).
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If you have a passion for writing and movies, this may very well be the best choice for you. So go ahead and check out the various courses being offered at the moment and choose the one that suits you the best.

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