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Sonal Chauhan sashays for Designer Riyaz Gangji in Bangalore

LIBAS Exclusive Fashion Show for ‘Evening and Cocktail Wear’ by Designer Riyaz Gangji gets a delightful response from fashion aficionados in the city.

Sonal Chuahan in Riyaz Gangji's LIBAS collection Photograph: Nishal LamaSonal Chuahan in Riyaz Gangji's LIBAS collection Photograph: Nishal Lama

And why not? After all, just like many of his previous shows, it was the 2008 released Bollywood movie ‘Jannat’ fame actor, Sonal Chauhan, walking the ramp as the show stopper. The fashion show was organized at Lalit Ashok on August 8, when the designer showcased his collection – both for men and women – keeping in mind the Cocktail Wear.

The men’s formal line boasts of a luxurious feel with the use of materials like Velvets, Brocade, combined with suiting material. The use of dark colors, like black and grey make the collection most suitable for nightwear. For the women, exquisite sarees with fitted blouses along with elegant yet chic gowns form part of the collection. The sarees were in pastel colors with structured embellishments that accentuate curves.  

Riyaz’s brand LIBAS has touched many families in Mumbai and with stores opening in other cities he wants to Riyaz’s dream is to expand the brand all across the country. “I have mostly been associated with ethnic & bridal wear, especially with LIBAS doing great business with wedding wear. I want to change this perspective of people as we already have been much more. I want to come out with something new that critics will also love,” said the enthusiastic designer Riyaz.

Sonal Chauhan in a tete-a-tete with  ‘Mybangalore’ tells us about her first Kannada movie, her love for designer Riyaz’s collection, and her expectations from her first Kannada movie. Extracts:   

Fashion, to me, is just being comfortable with what I am wearing; not over doing anything. I think Bangalore is a great place in terms of fashion. It’s a very stylist city, and it has got its own distinctive style, which many other cities don’t. I love the models here; they are so well structured. I say this because I have been doing modelling for a year now, and have been a part of many fashion shows to know what’s good and what’s bad.

About the collection today, I think they were simply magnificent. I loved what I was wearing today, nay, when it’s Riya’z collection, it has to be very distinctive. I love his work for he is one of the designers who understand style, which is very important for any designer. Normally, sarees are not something that I feel much comfortable in, but, the one that I was wearing today was not only elegant, but very, very comfortable. 

Riyaz Gangji's LIBAS collection Photograph: Nishal LamaRiyaz Gangji's LIBAS collection Photograph: Nishal Lama

I love Bangalore. Ever since I came here last year, I have been really in love with the place. The weather here is simply amazing, and it’s definitely a great work place.

Sandalwood, I think, is as big as any other film industries. Just that, it may be a bit smaller, but it’s not that size of the industry that matters, but the people working in it. And, I know, industry here has got many exceptionally talented people working in it.

My first Kannada movie - Cheluveye Ninna Nodalu – got released last week, where I have worked with the very talented Shivarajkumar. I have had a great experience working in the movie, and fortunately the movie has been well received by the audience too. I am not only hopeful that the movie will do well in the coming days, but it also makes me open for any upcoming projects from the industry here. The movie also stars Prem, Ramesh Arvind and Haripriya in the main roles.

I am working on my upcoming movies, just being careful with what I take at this point of time. For now, I have ‘Pehla Sitara’, which is to be released sometime soon; it’s directional debut by M.F. Hussain.  

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