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Top 3 bars for cheap Sunday Beer

The city of Bangalore loves drinking beer and therefore it’s not very difficult to find a place to drink a mug of good beer. But the good news is that you don’t need a huge wad of cash to enjoy a pitcher with your friends, know your city better.

A week-end can never quite be complete without a mug of beer, and if it is accompanied with close friends and great music, you can hardly ask for more. A mug of good tasting beer can help forget the stress and tension that you have been carrying around all week long and just take a much needed breather. With so many beer drinkers in the city, there is hardly any lack of pubs and cafes where you and your friends can sit down for a glass of chilled beer. However drinking everywhere and anywhere is not a viable option if your wallet is light, but not to worry, the city offers many great places where you can order a pitcher for cheap.  

If you want to have a beer the weekend but don’t want to spend your rent money buying booze, choose a pub that offers good beer but at an affordable rate so that you don’t find yourself broke next Monday. Why make Mondays worse than they already are? Also if you think that only shady places offer cheap beer, you need to think again. There are several great places in the city where you can enjoy a pitcher along with some great music without needing to empty your pockets. Below are three places where you can order a pitcher of beer at affordable rates, not only are these places reasonable, they are also great hand out spots to meet up with your friends and colleagues.  

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” completely applies to Pecos. Which is why, this space has been the city's favourite beer bar for practically generations now. From outside you may not think it’s a great place for you to spend a week-end but once you enter this pub, you would hate to leave which is why it can get difficult to get a table. The best place to sit is of course the terrace, but you may need to wait to get a table since everybody loves to sit there. The pitcher comes for under Rs 250 and can easily fill about 5 mugs, along with which you can order popcorn or masala peanuts to munch on. Pecos only serves beer and hence it is not an option for those who prefer hard liquor. The menu offers some really delectable items, the bacon items are worth a taste. Even the beef items are worth mentioning. The best thing about Pecos is the crowd and the music. Plus the hand paintings inside add personality to the pub. The staff is extremely friendly and all smiles, all this is why Pecos regulars can’t help but make a trip every week-end.
Address: Rest House Road, Bengalore, Karnataka, Near LeRock 
Phone no: 080 25586047 

Sherlock Holmes 
We all know the Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle but if you’ve not heard about the Sherlock Holmes right here in the city in Frazer Town, you need to head there this week-end with your friends to soak in the lovely atmosphere and of course buy yourself some beer. For everyone living in this part of town Sherlock Holmes has me a "Holme away from Home." A pitcher should come under Rs 400; apart from the beer it serves great food as well. It is famous for its Chinese Preparations so be sure to try some when you are there. You may opt to sit inside as well as outside, the balcony is a great place to notice and observe people on the street. The music is good and relaxing, you may just hear your favorites when you are sipping your drink. You can even go and request your favorites to the DJ and he may play it for you. Opening at 11 I the morning, it stays open till 11 at night, making it the perfect spot for night cap.
Address: 60/1, Coles Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005
Phone No:  +91-80-41250156 

Jimi’s – The Beer Café 
Jimi’s believes in a famous saying by Jimi Hendrix “"music is a safe kind of high" and follows it quite seriously by playing the best of classic rock and metal. It’s a great place for you to order a pitcher and relax letting the world pass by. It is also a good place to chill for non-drinkers. It also offers Hookah in many different flavors that you may want to try. Rock lovers would definitely bond with the place on the first sight itself. Designed keeping in mind the rock legend, the place has a charm and individuality that keeps people coming back for more. Also they have a separate smokers section for all those people who like to light a cigarette.
koramangala, #467,Qwikys Coffee Building, 17th G Main, Koramangala 6 Block, Koramangala, Bengalore, Karnataka 560095.
Phone no: 080 41217849 . Indiranagar, No.1081, 12th Main,2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560038, Phone no: +(91)-9886078879 
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Sathish Aug 09th, 2010 08:25 PM

Stones, Pecos and Mojos are part of the same group...good beer with value for money...good thing is they start from 11 am to 11 pm

greshma Aug 09th, 2010 11:56 AM

Stones, Indiranagar.

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