Wildlife Photography Workshop, in the wild!

iReboot will be conducting a 2-day Wildlife Photography Workshop at the Bannerghatta National Park on September 18-19. This will be a residential workshop and the seats are fast filling up!

Tigers at the Bannerghatta National ParkTigers at the Bannerghatta National Park

September will be a pretty busy month at iReboot which is gearing up for the third consecutive year of its most talked about program -  the Wildlife Photography Workshop.  The entries are pouring in, the program is currently being redesigned and the participants are already rearing to go. In a nutshell, this program combines two most common realms of hobbies- wildlife and photography- which have very good potential of being converted to full-time professions in the long run.

iReboot will make the necessary arrangement to have the participants sent off to The Bannerghatta National Park with a qualified, professional wildlife photographer (their previous mentors include celeb names like Kalyan Varma and Amogha Varsha). Students can expect professional guidance from their mentor and learn the basic principles of wildlife photography and most importantly, they can look-forward to a thorough individual evaluation of the pictures taken during Safari's and various expeditions around the park. The course work of this program has been the main USP of the bootcamp. Participants have shared their appreciation for highly relevant content and have praised it for its detailed structure and synopsis.

Tiger Moth, at the Bannerghata National ParkTiger Moth, at the Bannerghata National Park

Post program perks include a free membership to the Photon Club, where the skill-set of the participants are further nurtured through regular commercial assignments and meet-ups. In addition to this, iReboot ensures that the participants take complete advantage of the resources available for their long-term benefit, such as one-on-one sessions with the mentor, tie-up's with renowned photography magazines and networking at large.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Workshop on wildlife photography will be held at the Bannerghatta National Park on September, 18-19. 

For information you can call +91 9035789474
Program relevant information can be found on iReboot's website 

To see what our other participants have done during their stint, do check out these Flickr images
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