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Your guide to booking TTD Darshan and Sevas

Tirupathi is visited by about 50,000 people everyday and about a million in festive season but however if you don't book in advance it is almost impossible to get a Darshan. So here is a detailed guide on how to book TTD Darshan and accommodation.

Located on the seventh peak of the
Tirumala hill- Venkatachala, the temple of Tirupati is a magnificent and prodigious structure, a beautiful example of ancient sculpture and carvings. It is also a very popular Hindu temple. Tirumala Tirupathi is visited by about 50,000 people everyday and about a million in festive season. The temple is believed to be the home of Lord Venkateshwara and has achieved sanctity in Hindu religion. The antiquity of the temple is that it has ample number of stories attached to it and dates back to 5th century A.D.

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) is currently the board that is handling and managing all the activities related to the temple. It has enabled TTD online booking, TTD accommodation, TTD Darshan, E-seva, etc in Tirumala Tirupathi. It efficiently looks after all the work regarding Tirupati temple. TTD Devasthanam online booking is one of the services that the TTD board provides in Tirupati. Here is a detailed guide on how to book TTD Darshan Tickets. A pilgrim can book sevas minimum of 3 days in advance and maximum of 90 days. One can book for the following Darshans through the TTD portal by following the steps.

Tirumala Tirupathi (TTD) Darshans (e-Sevas):
1. Archanananthara Darshanam
2. Suprabhatam Darshan
3. Nijapada Darshanam
4. Thomala Seva Darshan
5. Archana Darshan
6. Visesha Pooja Darshan
7. Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Darshan
8. Sahasra Kalasabhishekam Darshan
9. TiruppavadaiDarshan
10. Kalyanotsavam Darshan

Before booking the tickets you need to Check Availability of seva based on the seva, month-year, and time.
1. To check the availability of Seva go to TTD e-Services page
2. On the e-Seva Booking page, click the required seva type check box option
3. Enter the number of tickets for the selected seva in No. Of Tickets
4. Under date, select the date and month-year you want to book for the seva
5. Click availability hyperlink to check for the corresponding selected seva
6. The e-Seva Booking Personal Information page appears; fill in the rest of the details.

Photo ID Card
Based on the Photo ID given, they will allow you for the Darshan.
1. Select any one of the photo identity card options from Photo ID Card
2. Enter the photo identity card number of the pilgrim in ID Card No.
3. Upload your Photo and under the Payment Options frame, select the payment bank
4. Select the payment mode from Payment Mode
5. Make the payment from your bank and once the booking is complete, the e-Seva Booking Details page displays the entered booking request and the personal information of the pilgrim
6. Now to confirm the booking made by following the steps outlined above, go the e-Seva Booking page and click Booking Confirmation hyperlink.
7. The e-Seva Booking Confirmation page appears. Enter the booking number you want to check the confirmation in eSeva Booking Number and click OK.
8. The e-Seva Booking Confirmation Details page appears displaying the booking details for the entered booking number
9. Click Receipt hyperlink. The e-Seva Ticket Receipt window appears. Click Print hyperlink to print the e-Seva Tickets

How To Book Online For TTD Accomodation
1.Check availability of accommodation. Under Amount, select the accommodation type and month-year you want to check for the availability.
2. Next, go here and enter the number of rooms you want under No Of Rooms, against the desired Accommodation Type. Note that a pilgrim can reserve a maximum of two rooms only.
3. Against Check-In Date, select the date and month-year you want for the accommodation and fill in all the details.
4. Select any one of the photo identity card options from Photo ID Card drop down
5. Furnish the relevant Information ( Passport No, Driving License No, Employee No etc) about the Photo Id card. This is a must to secure a Booking
6. Make the payments and click Print hyperlink to print the booking receipt

TTD Seva Counter
If you are not tech-savvy and want to book the Darshan and Accomondation personally, there are many TTD Seva Centers across the city. This system enables a devotee to book special darshan, Archana Anthara Darshan, Nijapada Darshanam and accommodation at Tirumala in advance.  

Pilgrims to Tirupati Tirumala Balaji temple can reserve for pujas and darshan minimum 2 days and maximum 60 days in advance. Each Pilgrim has to offer his finger print and photo will be captured at the time of booking. At present the special darshan ticket costs Rs.50 each, Archana Anthara Darshan tickets are priced at Rs.200 each, Nijapada Darshanam costs Rs.200 each (only on Fridays) and accommodation at Tirumala starts from Rs100.

1.There is a TTD Information Center, e-Darshan Counter, at Vyalikavel, Malleswaram, where the biometric system is used.
2. You have to be physically present there to book tickets at the counter
3. As you enter your finger print is taken, and based on the Sevas available you can book the Darshan and Accommodation.
4. Your Photo is taken and a photo-id card is generated
5. Using this ID-card you will be able to get a Darshan of Lord Venkateshwara.


TTD Information Centre

16th Cross, Vyalikavel
Malleswaram, Bangalore -560 003 Map

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KANDHAKUMAR Sep 18th, 2010 01:31 PM

whats the working hours of Malleswaram office?

Jitendra bhatt Sep 17th, 2010 11:58 PM

Really very important 

Bhushan Aug 25th, 2010 05:52 PM

Useful information.
Just to add to this, all bookings for seva and accomodation opens 90 days before. eg: If you wish to travel in July, make sure you book 90 days before i.e. is April.
Also, now a days, extra laadoos are available at a counter outside the temple. so ensure you dont pay crooks.

Rashmi Aug 25th, 2010 11:11 AM

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