Final fight for justice: Anna Hazare to fast from August 16

Revolutionary leader, Anna hazare who brought all Indians together with his fight against corruption is back in action.

Its a 'do or die' situation for Anna and his team who have been campaigning
hard for a strong Lokpal bill to make India corruption-free. It’s not just Anna who will hold his fast from 16th August but even citizens of India are taking smaller steps to bring an end to corruption in a big way. The Gandhian leader and his team are urging people to participate and join hands with them to fight for their cause.

Starting form today i.e. August 1st till 9th August, people will form small teams and undertake short and long padyatras in various parts of the country. They would talk to people on their way, hold meetings and distribute pamphlets.  From 9th August: Mass burning/tearing of government’s Bill as a mark of non-violent protest.  From 9th August to 15th August: People in villages, towns and mohallas will form teams and go for prabhat pheri in mornings singing patriotic songs and educating people about corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill. In the evening, there would be candle light and mashal marches.

15th August: Switch off lights from 8 pm to 9 pm on independence day as a mark of support for the anti-corruption movement. "Anna’s fast from 16th August is our last hope. We can’t afford to fail this time. For if we fail, we may never get another chance. Its now or never.We have hosted an online questionnaire to mobilize support for the Jan Lokpal Bill. The main aim is to create awareness among people,'' said Arvind Kejriwal, the champion of RTI (right to information) movement.
Log onto to know more about the India against corruption movement or become a volunteer.

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aniket Aug 02nd, 2011 09:44 PM

hey,,....even i wanna b a part of a team,,....i live near thane,,....can any1 help me?
msg me at 9004647472
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Annathurai Aug 02nd, 2011 12:11 AM

Essential requirements to be included in the Lokpal Bill, 2011
(1). Why the Prime Minister of India constrained to run a political party by receiving bribe/commission should not be included in the Lokpal Bill, 2011?
(2). Why not the Election Commission of India defray to all sorts of expenses, monitor and regulate all sorts of expenses any recognized political party necessitated for running the political party and face election within a stipulated election propaganda avenues?
(3). Every Chief Justice of India and High Courts in India is declaring that corruption in judiciary and black sheep in judiciary must be eliminated but they are screening the offenders from actions of law and not pointing out the culprits, thus why can’t they be brought under the actions of law for being not disclosing the bribers/ corruption hands for legal actions under the offences of IPC? What is the guaranty the justices of India won’t involve in getting bribe and they need not be included in the actions of the bill?
(4). Where is the effective clause of the bill to include the members and officials of the LokPal Commission for the actions of Lokpal Commission and the anticorruption statutory bodies? And what is the guaranty that the official and members of Lokpal Commission will not enter into getting bribing, favourism and bias activities and why not they be included in the claws of the Lokpal Commission? Personnel in Lokpal Commission and in the other statutory bodies are Indians only and they are of all existing characters and have to meet their personal needs.
(5). How magistrate level and other lower level judicial officers can deal a case against, suppose against higher level judicial officers like High Court and Supreme Court judges?  And how is it possible to magistrate level judicial officer to conduct trial on higher level judicial officers without a separate (career promotion) system of judicial accountability, Judiciary and reporting from the existing? A sub-ordinate judge can not boldly try a charged superior judge without a separate system of judiciary upto the Apex Court status. Judicial Officers in this connection should not report to the existing Judiciary, there is a need for parallel set-up. 
(6). How is it possible to curb the bribing and corruption without articulating, eliminating and defraying to the very high demand on congregating illegal money for defraying to various needs of running a political party, face election, etc?
(7). How is it possible to Lokpal Commission to take over all the enforcement and executive activities of government’s anticorruption bodies while the Commission can not have one more parallel/redundant manpower with adequate qualification, caliber, merit and official facilities and provisions to effectively look after/scope up the day to day activities of the proposed Lokpal Commission?
(8). How is it possible to eliminate corruption without introducing reformation and new method of electing people representatives (MLAs, MPs, etc.,) without state level weightage system and number of votes required for a representative (MLA  and MP) amongst the total franchised votes in a state’s and union election, i.e., with respect to number of votes required to one candidate/representative? How can defeated candidates generate funds to face next election and until that time how can they survive in the existing election setup? There is a need to fetch number of MLAs and MPs with respect to total votes secured by a party at state level. Who will work/voice for the people voted to defeated candidate/ political party? While speculating over this strategy it can be seen almost all the problems connected with the existing political parties can be resolved.
(9). The Lokpal system must deal and take up the matters on specific complaints only on the veracity of complaints/actions of the existing corruption prevention mechanism.  It must concentrate on malfeasances of CBI, Vigilance Commission, top level secretaries, politicians and Ministers, Judges, private sector and on the matters specifically complained of.  These category people are evading laws. 
(10). There is a need for separate investigation, prosecution and judicial setup required to enforce effective anticorruption. Lokpal Commission can act as a body to direct case to be registered within Lokpal set-up on the matters it decided fit, proper and necessary, for investigation by the Lokpal Investigation team, conduct prosecution in the Courts identified for Lokpal Complaints/ cases like CBI and Military Courts. It is nothing but Vigilance and Monitoring Committee for fair actions of all three wings of criminal justice system incorporated within the Lokpal system/team. Every activity must adhere to the principle of Criminal Justice System and follow the Cr.P.C. But it can not dictate and influence anything. It can review for fair actions of any personnel including judges of Lokpal Wing and take suitable corrective actions to ground justice and legal and disciplinary actions on the erred/guilty in accordance with the rules, procedures and law in force.
(11). Where is the mechanism to assure that the Lokpal Commission and any member of it will not favour any political party and the constitution/presence of members to deal that matters on that occasions?
(12). What is the cause the various existing anticorruption bodies became useless in controlling and eliminating corruption, thus what have effective features additionally been envisaged in the Lokpal Bill?
(13). Every officer entrusted with taking legal action against corruption and misuse of power on higher level and key executives especially belong to law and order, ruling party leaders/ministers, judges, etc., has to rely on the same corrupting officers for day to day personal activities including the protection of their family members. The very same police officer who feared and desired to avoid vindictive actions by the ruling party icons and thus having failed to take actions against corruption and various other malfeasances of ruling party icons takes stringent legal actions on them when they are ex-ruling party. This is the pathetic practical situation of higher level police officers too despite they are empowered by the existing laws too to take legal actions on the corrupt ruling party icons. All the higher police officers can not assemble together to jointly initiate actions on corrupting ruling political party icons because such actions will further worsen the entire democratic setup. This is applicable to fair and downright judges also who dare to punish the ruling party chief and icons. In vogue all the won MPs, MLs, etc., have distributed cash for votes, except a very few. It can be proved by the very same thousands of voters those obtained money for vote. Actions to repeal such elected status of won MLs, MPs, etc., by Election Commissions and suo motto actions by courts to this effect can be by law possible as there are provisions in law and powers to Election Commissions and Courts. But it is highly impractical on various grounds. Hence it is very clear from our 55 years of experience after becoming democratic country on our own Indian Constitution that we are having very good penal laws and code but we don’t have proper bodies and officers to execute everything in accordance with the existing laws. Hence there is a need for having a complete system of statutory bodies to protect, prosecute, and render justice to the officers and even ruling party icons implicated in any vendetta for having done downright actions on discharging their statutory duties. Hence the Lokpal Bill, 2011, must incorporate such separate statutory provisions and bodies to protect the personnel of Lokpal Commission and Honest officers of other departments/ bodies including judiciary, ruling party politicians, etc., and their family members. The Lokpal Commission itself should take over such responsibility by incorporating adequate forces, wings, etc., under it control.
(14). As said by every Chief justices of High Courts and Supreme Court there are biased, corrupted, caste , race, religious and linguistic biasing

Prashant Aug 01st, 2011 01:53 PM

I can proudly say, I was in the age of Anna and I participated in India's struggle to free it from corruption

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