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Bangalore author, Anita Nair's book to be made into a movie

Author Anita Nair's bestseller 'Lessons in Forgetting' is all set to be translated on celluloid.

A still from Film_Lessons in ForgettingA still from Film_Lessons in Forgetting

Bangalore writer Anita Nair's novel,
Lessons in Forgetting, is being made into a film under the direction of Unni Vijayan. Anita Nair is a bestselling Indian-English writer of fiction and poetry, whose novels The Better Man, Ladies Coupe and Mistress have been translated in 30 languages around the world.  Anita Nair's work explores various facets in the life of women with a good dose of wit and humour. She adapted her novel Mistress into a play titled Nine Faces of Being which premiered in Bangalore in January 2011.

Author Anita NairAuthor Anita Nair

Lessons in forgetting, her fourth book tells the story of two individuals whose lives get entwined against all odds. It is a beautifully told story of redemption, forgiveness and second chances, it’s about real people coming together in deep crises to offer comfort to each other. “When two broken lives meet, they manage to bond and bring warmth and companionship into each other’s lives. Life is tough, but when you have a companion to walk with you, life becomes a lot easier.” says Anita Nair as she explains the story.

Produced by Arowana Studios, the brain child of Prince Thampi, the movie deals with a mature subject. Anita says, "Prince’s decision to make this film comes from his deep- rooted conviction in the subject and the issues he takes up through his films. He leads a team of young filmmakers and technicians who share this vision and passion for good, meaningful cinema."

The story of the film revolves around Meera, a socialite, whose life is thrown totally off balance when her husband leaves her for a younger woman and J.A. Krishnamurthy, a renowned expert on cyclones, who comes to India to trace his daughter’s path that led to her accident. Thus starts JAK’s journey to know about his teenage daughter which leads to some startling revelations. And Meera’s life gets intertwined with that of JAK’s as a series of coincidences lead them finally to that small coastal town, where it all began.

The film stars Adil Hussain, Roshni Achreja and Raghav Chanana. Well-known musicians, Ganesh and Kumeresh, have scored music. The production house's vision is to be an entertainment institution which produces films not out of market compulsions, but to make good and meaningful films for a niche, discerning audience. The movie will be out in theatres soon.

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mohan gojamgunde Nov 23rd, 2011 08:15 AM

i want cd of film lessons in forgetting. please reply about availability address and price.

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