Discover unexplored terrain with Bangalore Bikers!

They are young and daring, these avid bikers are cool yet precautious when it comes to safe riding. Meet Bangalore Bikers whose single mission is to promote sensible biking!

If you love exploring
the narrow, dusty lanes of the unexplored  landscape on two-wheels, then Bangalore Bikers has a special place reserved for you. Helmet, Jacket, Shoes, Proper Bike Documents and driving license are all that is needed for one to become a true blue Bangalore Biker (BB).

N. I. John, the founder and Admin of Bangalore Bikers says nostalgically, “When I started riding around with my friends, I found that many of the bikers were not taking enough safety precautions. People used to ride without helmet, talk over the phone while riding etc. I always longed for some kind of club in Bangalore which would promote safe biking. And that’s how Bangalore Bikers took its shape in my mind and finally came into existence." 

BB which started in the year 2009 has about 508 active members and anyone who is passionate about riding can join with no membership fee. The striking feature of the group is that all the members prefer to use bikes that are manufactured in India. Some of the activities that the group organizes at frequent intervals are DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops, setting up camps in front of colleges to promote safe biking, organizing short and long bike trips and much more.

For them, safety is the first priority and hence, all the riders have to mandatorily get their helmets and have all the required gear in place before they set out on a trip. People who wish to be a part of the group can log onto and register. In forthcoming days, BB plans to come up with Bikers Café, Bikers Magazine, etc.

Though Bangalore is increasingly becoming exposed to pollution and traffic jams, thankfully there are still a few good routes left for bikers to explore “The route from Silkboard to Electronic city and the one from Yeshwanthpur towards Tumkur side are pretty good routes because of the flyover. Outer ring road, intermediate ring road is also fun to ride,” quips John before he gets on his magnificent Pulsar 220.  BB is holding a Friendship Day ride on August 7. On that day, the bikers will explore and ride along the route of Bangalore - Netegere.
Check out their Facebook page to know more about them or email your queries to

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Shipra Aug 04th, 2011 09:31 PM

above mentioned group is totally different than Its not a google group. I am totally loving the concept of BB. They do have a section for by-cyclist. 
And I am joining for the Friendship Day ride. On my way to register.

Nishanth N Aug 04th, 2011 02:29 PM

I'm a member of this group. Its not just about Motorbikes...Its about Friendship. Its not always about riding, but about hanging out with people with similar interests. On weekends there are "Addas" where everyone meets up for a chat! Not to forget the mass movie bookings too :) If you love motor-biking and interested to meet up with people with similar interests, look no further!

Radha Krishna Aug 04th, 2011 01:29 PM

Wow, Such club exists. Never knew. Thanks for the article. Will join in the club soon. 

Opendro Aug 04th, 2011 11:51 AM

I thought it was bikers, not motorbikers. The only bikers club in Bangalore I know is the BBC: :) Really enthusiastic, energetic, green, safety conscious group of bikers there. I must say, Bangalore has the best set of bikers in India today.

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