Feeling safe in Bangalore is now just a click away

Senior citizens in Bangalore who are becoming hapless victims of crimes like robbery, murder, etc can now breathe safe and relax.

If you're feeling threatened or unsafe in
Bangalore, then simply register with, the first ever online security system for citizens all across the country. Cubbon Park police have launched a web-based registration process and have created an area database to keep a close tab on homes of elderly and tackle crimes effectively.

Residences and offices in the areas falling in the jurisdiction of the Cubbon Park police station can also register with the police station by uploading details of their employees, elderly residents, tenants, domestic workers and other casual laborers. The system will create a database and maintain photographs and fingerprints of those registered, who will be offered identity cards.

 “The system will allow the police headquarters and other police stations to track information and take appropriate measures based on trends in various areas. As more information is entered to the database, the site will provide critical statistics and intelligence information. The verification and reference details will make it easier for the police department to track workers and also help us serve citizens better,” said Cubbon Park police inspector S Badrinath.

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