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Store Review: The goodness of organic products at LUSH

Lush fresh handmade cosmetics makes effective products out of fresh fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, without animal ingredients.

The goodness of organic products at LUSH Photos: Bhaktar BabuThe goodness of organic products at LUSH Photos: Bhaktar Babu

Imagine walking into a shop which
is less a cosmetic shop and more a food retailer shop - think hand-made, natural and fresh merchandise, butchers’ blocks, prices by weight, greaseproof paper wrapping and best-by dates. In Lush’s “beauty delis”, soaps are piled high on provençal-style wooden tables like strange exotic cheeses, whilst a myriad of orbs (fizzing bath ballistics) are presented in-store like perfectly round apples.

The beauty brand Lush fresh handmade cosmetics has been around in India since 2004 and with every passing year, they are sending out a strong ecological message that beauty products need not necessarily be chemical  based and animal-tested.  Majority of Lush products are vegan and they come with a sticker that has a cartoonized face and name of the person who made the product. (So, you know who to thank). With so many synthetic ingredients being used in beauty products today, it is great to see companies steer clear of using chemicals and Lush is a pioneer in this market.

It is a pure sensory overload as you enter the Lush store; your senses immediately go into an over-drive with the luxuriant smells of all the natural products stacked around you. Lush mainly specializes in fresh handmade soaps but also has a vast range of skincare and hair care products. They have a wide-range of freshly made face masks and scrubs that are made out of natural products like honey, oats, papaya, rose petals, almonds, kiwis and mint.

And they can be stored for a period of four weeks; however their packaged serums and cleansers can be stored for a longer period of time.  Their Coalface cleanser comes highly recommended as it helps to absorb excess sebum and acts as a mild exfoliator. The sandalwood and softening liquorice help to improve the condition of the skin. The Fresh Farmacy cleanser is good for sensitive skin and is made with gentle agents like calamine and chamomile.

In their moisturizer section I particularly liked Sympathy for the Skin (notice the wordplay); which is a yummy concoction of vanilla and bananas. It smells so divine that you end up feeling like a vanilla cupcake! Crème Anglaise is again a magnificently moisturizing vanilla decadence. It's the dreamiest of body creams and contains the spice saffron, which ancient Egyptians used to preserve youth. Apart from exquisite moisturizers, they also have a decadent range of body butters, massage bars and body balms in the most luxurious flavours.

The Helping Hands Hand Cream is definitely a must-buy, it comes packed with goodness of honey, shea butter and almond oil. The cream simply glides on your hand and makes it instantly soft and supple. Their new range of Dirty products is a no-nonsense fragrance that hits you with intensely crisp spearmint, thyme and tarragon, and the subtle smell of calm seas.

Also Lush soaps are some of the most creative products and are packed with copious quantities of essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables oils. The Summer Pudding and Vanilla in the Mist soap bars look like a delicious piece of cake and smell equally good. The shower bombs and shower jellies are guaranteed to elevate your bathing experience. But what makes Lush stand out is its simple eco-friendly packaging and use of fresh ingredients which stays true to their motto. Walk into the nearest store and experience the feeling of LUSH!
Lush store is located at Garuda Mall, they also have four stores across the city. To know more log on to

LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics

Garuda Mall, shop - 101, first floor
Magrath Road, Bangalore -560025 Map


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DrJaishree Pradhan Dec 25th, 2012 07:09 PM

i m having oily skiniheard lot of thing about lush want some night cream please suggest me one from ur store

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