'Variety' at Variety Book House

At Variety Book House you can find magazines of any topic under the sun and one can choose from 7,000 magazines from all over the world.

People today are still wondering about what was going on Mohammed Hussain Sait’s mind when he started the novel concept of Variety Book House about four decades ago. “We are still trying to figure out what propelled my dad to start this venture. Because right now it truly lives up to its name. We have an unbeatable variety of magazines in our store right now ,” says Yahya Sait, co-owner of Variety Book House.

As the name suggests, Variety Book House remains true to its name. And very recently the rustic charm of the book house was given a swanky new makeover. “With every passing year we were adding newer range of magazines to our shelves in each section. And we felt the need to change the look of the store and we were lucky to find a space just next door,” comments Sait whose love for books crosses passionate reading.

The all new plush red interiors of the book store adds a charm to the thousands of glitzy magazines adorning the shelves. Yes! the Variety Book House houses countless magazines on every topic and subject like politics, architecture, fashion, business, travel, food, religion, music, dance, automobile, health, interiors, photography, computers to name a few. “We also have a lot of women magazines and there are a lot of magazines which we import like Wallpaper, Metal Hammer, Uncut and Mojo. There is also a wide of variety of magazines in the miscellaneous section which cannot be segregated under a particular genre,” states Sait and says that Political Magazines do really well at the store.

Apart from magazines Variety Book House also has a wide array of the latest Best Sellers (is the only section of novels that you can find here) Apart from magazines and the best sellers, Yahya Sait is trying his best to make Variety Book House the number one comic store in India. “We already have a wide selection of comics in our store but I am continuously trying to add more because I really want our store to be on the top comic store in India,” states Sait.

Variety Book House also caters to a lot of international magazines which are mostly sold at 70% off. “Most of the international magazines are priced anywhere between 600-3000/-. We sell a lot of back issues for just Rs 100/-,” says Sait who thinks that the reading has considerably come down among Indians over the years.

“Due to a lot of e-reading, people do not really want to sit and read a book. But then there is also a huge number of people who love to glimpse through magazines because it gives them a feel of opulence which is otherwise denied on the net,” says Sait who can’t thank his father enough for passing on a beautiful legacy and the wisdom of books to his family and his customers.

Variety Book House

Church Street
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