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An evening for the Gorkhali’s in the city

It was home, away from home. The Gorkha Saanj, 2009, held at the city on Saturday 12th September just went on to prove what the organizers promised – an evening rich with cultural extravaganza.

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association (B.G.W.A.), but up a punching  event that served as a real treat the spectators gathered at the Ambedkar Bhavan, here in the city. Praveen Subba, one of the B.G.W.A. members says, “This is the second year we have organized Gorkha Saanj in the city, and it just seems to get better. It’s a joy to see people, our brothers and sisters, and the elders and the young ones, to be sharing the same platform here, under the same roof.” He added, “we dedicate this day to all our close ones who have come to the city from across the country, some to work and others to study.”

Needless to say, the younger ones really enjoyed this mélange of the Gorkhali culture the most. Abhijeet, a student from one of the city colleges corroborates: “It’s a great time of the year when we get to meet people from our own culture, see and be a part of this euphoric moment for all of us.” He explains: “I haven’t heard or seen a Gorkhali dance and song for years’ now. But today, I’ve done it all. This should keep me going till next year when this happens again.” Abhijeet has been in Bangalore for five years now.

Apart from songs and dances, there was a Fashion Show too, which was extremely well received by the audience, something that everybody had been looking forward to. “What I like the most about the fashion show, is that the models will showcase their traditional attire. I don’t remember the last time seeing it,” said Rajen Thapa, an M.N.C. employee. It was clear that the man hasn’t gone home, which he called to be Darjeeling for years’ now.

The committee, B.G.W.A., is a non-profit organization that works for the uplift if the poor people, and students coming to Bangalore from towns like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Ghoom, and other neighbouring towns.

B.G.W.A. has two programs for now that the members have been working on avidly. ‘Aashwas’ (assistance), a career counseling program for students leaving their tensile towns in pursuing of higher studies, and ‘Shayog’ (re-assurance), a program that supports the blue collar people, and the ones from the lower strata. “We have members contributing for both of these programs,” said Mr. Subba. He added: “So far, we have got 50 people insured, and some 80 students counseled.”   

Ruben, one of the co-founders of the youth wing of B.G.W.A. added: “We started Gorkha Saanj last year, but we plan to take this further, all through the coming years.” He explains: “The money we get out of these programs goes for funding and career counseling. Back at home, students don’t have a platform to expose their talent, so, when they come here, we also assist them to achieve their goals.” 

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