Jamming with Pictures

It is the subject's story, not the photographer's.The ability to engage the viewer's intellect as well as their heart, to lead them into lines of enquiry about what is happening beyond the frame.

Photograph: Akshay MahajanPhotograph: Akshay Mahajan

Last month around,  organized Blow Up, a street photography exhibition on Church Street. Life was on display on the streets from Koshy’s to Brigade Road. Akshay Mahajan of Blind boys said, “It is public art in a way. It is available for everybody. It could be for a software engineer during his cigarette break or a street kid who has probably never been to an exhibition before. Since it is public, it is not something exclusive. We’ve tried to take out the exclusivity from art.”

Photograph: Akshay MahajanPhotograph: Akshay Mahajan

Theatre jam is getting bigger next month with October Jam and as part of their mega fest they plan to do something on similar lines. Ekta of Maraa who is instrumental in the process says, “The Blind boys have already initiated taking their pictures to the streets. A rather interesting experiement in the city. And sometimes we all are thinking the same idea at the same time, and suddenly its all around. That's how I felt when I was walking down Church Street with pictures stuck up on the side walks. It was a rare experience and provoked everyone walking down that road. We want to do somewhat the same thing through the month of October.”

Photograph: Akshay MahajanPhotograph: Akshay Mahajan

The monthly event, Theatre Jam that has been doing its rounds in several parks in the city, completes a year next month and hence the idea of October Jam. The idea of the jam is to use public spaces for individual expression like parks, streets, markets and local bars. So there's theatre, music, storytelling, cinema and more.

“There is no theme for the jam, else it becomes too conclusive. It can be anything you think deems fit for the street, the market, the park and the bar.”, mentions Ekta. Figure out a context and choose five to ten pictures from your collection. You would have to blow it up to desirable sizes of your choice. You could join them in their venture of putting up the pictures, or you could just send it off to Maraa. They will take responsibility of your prints; you will have to follow your orders of how you would like it to be displayed. The jam is completely non-funded and minor expenses are being made through individual donations and contributions. Hence, interested photographers would have to blow up their own photos.

Those interested could contact Ekta at 9880755875.

Photo Credit: Akshay Mahajan

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