One wild night at the KPL Bash

It indeed was. On a lazy Wednesday evening, pretty ladies of the city slipped into a nutty mood. And why wouldn’t they? It was, after all, a party organized by Indus Pride, the party lovers themselves.

Indus Pride hosted the party, K.P.L. bash, which brought together a bunch of, high-on-adrenaline, party animals resulting in a scintillating evening, an evening filled with some great music, loud and very Indian, that drove a lot of these party lovers crazy. “I am here to chill out. It’s the middle of the week and letting my hair down here is just like de-stressing my self,” said Parvathi. 

Asked on what the occasion was, Ishwindar Singh, Category Head of Indus Pride, explains, “This is in association with K.P.L. Indus Pride talks about passion and what better a way than this to celebrate passion. In India,” he says “cricket and movies are how an average Indian defines passion to be.”  He further added: “We are the co-sponsors of K.P.L., and our focus is not only on the players, but the fans as well. They are, after all, the real heroes. We want to celebrate, and give them a chance to be a part of this euphoric moment through this.”

With so much happening around, the mood was, for sure, one of carefree abandon. And the heard pumping beats by D.J. Hussain and D.J. Anoop just made things better.  

The pulsating Bollywood Music gave audience a chance to be part of the Bollywood masti and meet some of the stalwarts of the cricketing world and stars of the Kannada film industry too. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Derek Hugh Jones, SABMiller Marketing Director said, “Indus Pride is a drink for the confident, fun-loving and passionate Indian who believes in living his passion to the fullest.” He concluded by saying, “With K.P.L. around, we thought, this would just be the right time to celebrate the passion by bringing together all of these people under the same roof through this bash.”  

The party, for sure, was a heady mix of youth, cricket and passion. 
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