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‘Panic won’t solve the problem’, say Doctors

The number of H1N1 swine flu deaths in the city, so far, has been 40, but what makes the good news is the decline in the number of cases detected with the H1N1 virus in the last few days.

Doctors and specialists opine the best way to combat the situation is to be patient and follow the guidelines that have been given to the people, time and again. “Read the guidelines and follow them up. Earlier, our intention was safeguarding the city from the virus, but now it is in our community,” said Dr. Shashidhar Buggi, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases. “Just like any other influenza,” he adds “Doctors, family consultants, old and the young ones, everybody, can contract the disease.”

He continues: “Our aim, is an early diagnosis of the patient, and give them the treatment on time.” But what has been the experience so far? “So far”, he says “We have seen that people who are exposed to the virus necessarily doesn’t mean that he will contract the disease.  And some, he adds , “come with the symptoms of swine flu, but within 48 hours the symptoms subside completely.Our aim is to suspect and give them the treatment,” concludes Mr. Buggi.

Defying the expectations, doctors and physicians still find it difficulties to understand the nature of the H1N1 virus. “It’s new to us,” says Dr. Lohith Nadig Assistant Media Administrator (A.M.A.), Sagar Hospital, “and we are trying to learn and understand the nature of the virus and the disease. But,” he says, “there’s nothing to be worried about. There shouldn’t be unnecessary panic, and media shouldn’t hype the whole thing, like it has been done in the past few days.”   He continues, “We have treated 150 patients so far, and 97-98 of them has gone home. The death cases have been mostly because of the late treatment. They got admitted late.”

So, how does one combat the situation? “Well, an early diagnosis is the best way out. One, with flu like symptoms, should take things seriously, and should see a doctor immediately. Delay will just make things worsen,” concludes the doctor.  

The same was been reverberated by the ones who have been recovered by this deadly pandemic. Mybangalore spoke to two of the patients who were recovered from the.

H1N1 swine flu in the city. “Anil Kumar, who was been recovered from the disease explains: “It’s just like any other flu, just that, this one is a bit tougher.” He adds: “When I came from Abu Dhabi, I had a sever cough and body ache, and a persistent fever, something that wouldn’t subside in spite of all the antibiotics I took. I got my treatment done on time, and I am fine today,” says the man. “But,” says Anil, “people in the extremes, say somebody with lungs problem or acute asthma should take extra precautions.” He concludes by saying, “There is no point for people to get unnecessary worried, and go for H1N1 swine flu treatment for every cold, fever or cough.”  

Dinesh Rathore, who runs a shop in the city, also felt the same. He, also, had contracted the disease, but the man is fine today. “Get the proper advice from the doctor, and the most of all, is the right treatment,” said Dinesh. He adds: “I was worried when the doctors diagnosed me with the H1N1 swine flu. But,” says Dinesh “I didn’t take it onto my mind. I did what I was been advised. And I am just fit and fine today, doing what I have been doing.”    

Doctors, did feel the same. Dr. Shashidhar Buggi corroborates: “Panic won’t solve the problem. Drugs are available, and the government has given it free, but,” the doctor says “hospitals and practitioners should be careful, and they shouldn’t delay the treatment.”  

He continues: “In the last four months here, we’ve found that Tamiflu has cured all the patients. So, what we do here, is after one gets admitted, wait for 48 hours, if the symptoms don’t subside, we give them Tamiflu. This, so far, has been our experience and it has been very much successful,” said Dr. Buggi. He concludes: “So far, no death cases have been registered from all those who were given Tamiflu. It has been 100 per cent successful.”   
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sudhiranand Sep 14th, 2009 12:50 PM

At long last an article from a media person with the right insights to the Swine Flu. Much as any other medical issue which is relatively new, medical research takes time to find the antidote. A flu is quite the mystery disease which could throw even the best doctors off guard. Panic certainly wont solve anything for that matter and media needs also to help educate people on that front.
Great writing and keep up the good work
Sudhir Anand
Owner at Crystal River Management and Director at Myriad Team.

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