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‘Ramadan’ for students in Bangalore

Fasting, during the holy month of Ramadan is considered as one of the pillars of Islam, and the same is preached to every Muslim, which is why, almost, 25% of the globe is fasting or observing “roza” during the season.

The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours, from dawn to sunset. But what makes it special for some, is the wide delicious spread of food that is laid out among fasting Muslim families “It’s important that, after a day long fasting, we get to eat what we want the most. I prepare a lot of delicacies at home, especially for the kids. They are the ones to relish the food the most,” said Amira, a home maker.

There is certain food that are specials during Ramadan warm and easy to eat after a day of starving. Amira explains: “It’s very important for the adherents to eat a healthy food, and some thing they really relish.” She added, “The whole day is spent without a grain, which is why the preparations for “iftaar” are things items like “haleem”, made from pounded wheat or oats which is wholesome and nutritious”  

But, hang on. Bangalore, has a huge population of students too, who have made the city their next home. Needless to say, there is also a huge section of them who are Muslims. So, what about them? Where do they get all these delicacies?

‘MyBangalore’ took a peek into the lives of city Muslims, and spoke mainly with  students on how they have spent their Ramadan month away from home. When you are far from home, you are far from making your demands at the kitchen right? Sazmeer Khan, a student in the city admits, “I can’t be demanding here for I know I won’t get what I want. I stay alone.” He adds: “For Iftaar (breaking the fast), I go to the nearest mosque. They have a society in placed, which looks after our meals. However, I miss home food, especially during this season.”

For Shuaib Nabi, a student pursing his M.B.A. in one of the city colleges, things pretty much felt the same. “I miss the whole arrangements of Iftaar; the food, the people, and everything. Back home, it’s so much more fun,” said Shuaib. He adds, “A group of our friends contribute money to organize an Iftaar party. That’s how I get to eat what I want, and it’s so much better that way. It’s like a family being together. At the Iftaar party,we get a lot of fruits, sweets, dates samosas and prepare all that we want. We make sure that the cook prepares all our favorite dishes.”  

But for his friend Fateh Mohammed, things looked different. “There are Iftaari centers. One can get all the food there, everything that you want,” said Fateh. “At these centers, you pay and get most of the foods that a lot of us crave to eat.”

Students, however, seem to take Sahri, the act of arising from sleep to have their pre-dawn meal and observe their morning (fajr) prayers, in preparation of the day’s fasting. Shuaib explains, “There is not a lot of things that I can do in the morning. Sahri cannot be delayed, because Subah Sadiq (day break) sets in. So I try to make do with the left over of the previous day, or eat something light. It’s the Iftaar that I look forward to, to enjoy all the nice delicacies.”  

Ramadan is the 9th  month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims across the globe will refrain from   eating, drinking, smoking, or indulging in any acts that are considered immoral or un-holy. Muslims are meant to fast as it teaches them to be patient, modest and spiritual while sacrificing their primal and worldy acts. Also Muslims are urged to pray and seek forgiveness for their sins. The significance of Ramadan lies in the fact that Muslims believe, and it is said in the Holy Quran, that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed on “Lai-La tul-Qadr”, or the night of power. This night is believed to fall on one of the last few days of Ramadan that are seen as the most important “rozas” or fasts.

Alibaba Café and Restaurant is a popular place for Muslims to go and break their fast, and they have a delectable spread of “haleem”, “biryani” “kababs”, and other delights that are traditionally served during Ramadan.

Alibaba Cafe and Restaurant

No.69, 1st floor M.M. road,
Frazer Town, Bangalore -560005 Map

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