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Sparsh Vachana – The promise of a better life

One week in Bangalore will be dedicated to bringing the best doctors the world over to help children with orthopedic problems.

30 surgeons, two teams from the UK and USA, will perform round the clock surgeries on 200 physically challenged children with complex musculoskeletal abnormalities. ‘Sparsh Vachana’ is a first of its kind event to be organised by Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore that aims at bringing the world's best medical care to the doorsteps of those, who need help. The Sparsh Vachana week will be organised on the premises of Sparsh Hospital from 19th to 25th October.

2001 Census has revealed that there are 9,40,643 disabled persons in Karnataka alone and out of this 2, 66,559 (1,68,815 males and 97744 females) have only physical disability and 8years later these numbers have doubled. In an ideal world it is possible to either remove this physical disability or reduce the disability by medical intervention in more than half of this population.  This is still a dream where the obstacles are many, the problems are complex, access to better medical facility is difficult, skilled professionals are scarce, affordability is a big question etc.

Speaking to MyBangalore Shreedhar BR, administrator of Sparsh Hospitals said that plenty of planning was required for this event to be conceptualised. “We have doctors from all over India and also from abroad coming to participate in the Sparsh Vachana week. There will be two teams from UK and USA and these doctors are coming with a reason to help these physically challenged children.”

Screening camps were held from July onwards for children below 15 years of age from a lower economic background. Through the camps 200 children were selected who will be operated upon by the best medical brains from across the world. Sparsh Vachana does not end with one surgery adds Sheedhar, “Post the surgery children require a lot of care to recuperate before they can be back on their feet. The children who will be operated upon will be provided medical help till they are fit, and this includes follow up treatment and rehabilitation and further surgeries if required.” These surgeries are not restricted to children from Karnataka.

The event will cost Sparsh Hospital approximately one crore, which they are hoping to raise through private businessman, agencies and also awareness about the event through the media. Sparsh Vachana is also looking for contributions from individuals, organizations and corporate houses. The contributions can be in the form of

1. Any amount
2. Sponsor a child’s complete treatment. (Rs 25,000 – Rs 40,000)
3. Sponsor a whole day of the event. Rs 20 lakhs

For contributions and more details log onto

Or call 9008475000/ 9743214890.
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