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Tattoo Removal now a reality!

Changed beaus’s but still have their name inked on your body? Lasers, surgery might be the next option.

Inking your body permanently with Jane’s name seemed like a good idea at the age of 20. But now if you’re 30 and married to Snehal with kids, the last thing you want is you’re ex flame Jane stamped across your chest. Cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics across the city are making swift business with tattoo removal surgical processes, and laser treatments. chatted up with some of the surgeons and clinic owners in the city.

Speaking to Dr. MS Venkatesh, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, Jayanagar, 2nd Block, who said “There are various ways of removing a tattoo. Since I am a surgeon, my treatment is ambiguous. Though the tattoo will not vanish completely, it will leave some kind of a small mark which is proportionate to the design of the tattoo”. He explained that the normal skin near the tattooed skin will be expanded using special devices called the tissue expander which inserts a balloon under the normal skin. The skin would expand, and the expanded skin is overlapped with the tattooed skin. He said that this sort of treatment is possible only with small and medium sized tattoos. But, if the tattoo is large it is impossible to do any kind of expansion over it.  

When asked if the treatment was painful in nature the doctor said, “Any cosmetic surgery will have certain amount of pain. But most of the time pain is subjective and it depends upon the person who is undergoing through the treatment.” One must keep in mind that the cost of the expander is Rs.50, 000 per session and can be quite expensive for the entire treatment including the antibiotics, anesthetic and other medicines charges. It can take a total of 6-8 weeks for the scar to mature. Coloured tattoos cannot be removed with this method.  

The other option of getting rid of tattoos is through laser treatment. The system gives non-invasive advantages of laser treatment; plus better results than any other methods on the market. The Laser treatments use the body's own defense mechanisms to remove the pigment. When the tattoo was applied, one’s body encapsulated the ink in the skin's collagen. Laser energy breaks up the ink pigment into smaller particles hence removing the tattoo over a period of weeks. Larger particles may require several treatments, but the tattoo gradually fades leaving a vague impression on the skin. The treatment is relatively cheaper and is done in various clinics across the city.

Speaking to Ajith Menon, an IT professional in Jaynagar who has a dragon tattoo across his forearm said, “I got the tattoo done when I was 21, and I’ve had it for the last two years now. I don’t regret it, and I don’t think I would spend more money to get rid of it. Tattoos are not a joke; you take them to your grave. If your family is not open to you having one, then you shouldn’t subject yourself to the pain so that you have to subject yourself to more pain to remove it.”  

Sylvia G, a student in St. Josephs has a tattoo on her waist said, “I got in done on my waist so that it’s not visible to everyone. My waist is covered, and its pretty cool I guess”  
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Aaron McCallum, Tattoo Artist Jan 21st, 2010 01:12 AM

being a tattoo artist I have many tattoo's, I don't regret any but now that we can tattoo almost any design or piece of art pretty much perfect, I wish I could change a couple. Laser surgery has givin me that chance, it is costly, but with 2 or 3 laser treatments, depending on how well done the old tattoo is, it is faded enuff to cover up with a new and better tattoo with out the old one showing threw.

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