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The Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization created for promoting public speaking and leadership.

We look at the Bangalore Toastmasters Club (BTMC) and its activities.  

Toastmasters is not only for people who want to improve their communication skills but also for corporate people who give presentations, deliver lectures and lead teams. The reason corporate involvement is essential as good communication is an integral part of an organization’s success both internally and externally. Infosys, IBM, Yahoo, Oracle and Microsoft are just few names who have incorporated Toastmasters within their organizations in the city. Bangalore Toastmasters Club (BTMC) has played a pivotal role in helping them start their very own Toastmasters Club.  

Having a Toastmasters club within a company has huge benefits. It has helped the employees at various levels communicate to each other at a common platform. The employees have often credited Toastmasters with having helped them to be charged and motivated towards their professional goals. Some companies use Toastmasters to make communication or presentation of their employees more effective while others use to bridge the gap between management and employee. In fact, few companies have often used Toastmasters Club as an employee retention program. The motive to install a corporate Toastmasters club has been of wide variety, but the beauty of Toastmasters is that it has provided them much more than they expected.

Although few companies have their own Toastmasters Club, not all the companies have their own. In order to cater the needs of people, who want to learn the nuances of public speaking or presentation skills in short period, Bangalore Toastmasters Club, as well as few other community clubs in Bangalore, often arrange for Speech Craft Program. It is a special program that can last from 4 to 8 sessions. In this program, the senior Toastmasters help the industry people to learn and experience the art of public speaking, constructive evaluation and impromptu speaking. It is generally held for a few hours over the weekend so that no individual has to make compromises over the bandwidth at their work place.  

The advanced programs of Toastmasters have often helped companies to gain more out of Toastmasters. Srikanthan Kumaraswamy, who is a Distinguished Toastmaster, led a social project at Microsoft as his advance leadership activity. It has improved the life of office boys and the cab drivers at Microsoft. Clearly, Toastmasters can be an essential tool for fulfilling the Corporate Social responsibility expected from an organization. Whether one is a corporate trainer, fashion designer, a programmer or finance junkie, one always needs to communicate his ideas and be in charge when required. Bangalore Toastmasters Club (BMTC), through its vast experience of public speaking and leadership activities, has helped companies to open their own Toastmasters Club and the result has been par excellence.  

Toastmasters have been a pioneer protocol for employee engagement in Unites States of America. In India, it has just begun to make strides and help bridge the gap of sharing ideas and feedback. It is just the beginning. If you are small business owner or corporate leader its worth giving effort to start Toastmasters in your organization.  

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I would like to be the member of Toastmasters.  Kindly give me the procedure....
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