Top 3 Companies for Unique Company Initiatives

Every company is different with unique competitive advantages but one way to stay ahead of competition is to constantly bring in unique initiatives. Here’s a list of top 3 companies that are leading the way forward with their unique strategies.

PepsiCo is one of the companies known for their unique initiativesPepsiCo is one of the companies that is known for their unique initiatives

The current business environment is so competitive
and in order to gain some leverage a marketer needs to think ahead. As much as people have different approaches to business, the ground rules are the same. The first thing to consider is the customer. Knowing the target market; this includes what they need, language they use and their buying pattern. Market trends change constantly thus to be up to date, business owners often come up with unique strategies and company initiatives. These initiatives are what leverage the Company in the marketplace and let them stay ahead of the race. According to a survey conducted by Great Place to Work Institute, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd, Cleartrip Travel Services Pvt. Ltd and HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited are leading the way forward with their unique company initiatives.  

The Great Place to Work Institute has been assessing the world's best companies in over 40 countries since 1980 and honors recipients according to its employees scores against the Institute's values of ‘credibility', ‘respect', ‘fairness', ‘pride', and ‘camaraderie'. The 2010 edition is the seventh study in India, which received overwhelming response from more than 400 companies, making it the largest such study in India.  

Cleartrip Travel Services Pvt. Ltd.
Launched in July 2006, Cleartrip is one of the top online travel companies in India with a claimed 35% market share. Based on a straight forward premise of “making travel simple” for its customers. Cleartrip has recently launched Cleartrip for Business , a product that claims to change the way India Inc. travels.

Offering convenience, choice without confusion, multiple payment options, competitive prices and exclusive destination information, Cleartrip promises a customer oriented approach. Cleartrip’s web marketing strategy is still evolving and it sees the web as just one part of the overall marketing strategy. Cleartrip’s initial marketing strategy relied heavily on print and television advertising to build brand awareness and search advertising to drive traffic. After establishing a threshold of brand awareness using traditional media, Cleartrip now use online display ads for brand building and product launches, something we were not previously investing in.

They’ve always been early adopters of social media tools with a blog, customer forum, Twitter presence and Facebook page. Social media marketing is easy if you avoid the cardinal sin of using the platform to deliver a sales pitch. It’s counter-intuitive, because marketers want to sell; but the key to success here is not to be selling, but to be building relationships and encouraging conversations around the brand.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited
HDFC Standard Life, one of India's leading private life insurance companies, offers a range of individual and group insurance solutions. HDFC Standard Life's product portfolio comprises solutions, which meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings, Investment and Health. Customers have the added advantage of customizing the plans, by adding optional benefits called riders, at a nominal price. The company currently has 32 retail and 4 group products in its portfolio, along with five optional rider benefits catering to the savings, investment, protection and retirement needs of customers.

HDFC Standard Life has been awarded for its unique employee initiative - Mission –in-Genius national quiz. The study has shown that HDFC Standard Life conscientiously develops employee talent programmes to keep engaging and motivating its employees. The company provides some unique platforms such as 'Mission in Genius' national quiz. The management is accessible to all at all times and sincerely seeks feedback from its employees through programmes such as 'Sparsh'.

PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd
PepsiCo believes that its performance is fundamentally connected to its agenda of purpose, which represents the commitment to give back to communities as the company grows. Pepsi has always been the youth’s soulmate, reflecting youth passions and giving voice to the youth’s point of view. The brand has always brought to life current youth sentiment. In 2008, Pepsi introduced the concept of Youngistaan. Within 2 years, Youngistaan has become a term that encapsulates today’s youth and is used all across to identify them.   

The 2010 campaign of Pepsi celebrates the spirit of Youngistaan - the audacious self belief that the youth of today live their lives by. The confidence with which today's smart, young, spontaneous youngsters overcome obstacles or conventions that come in their way, and achieve what they want!

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