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Venture Tuesday: 'On da Rocks!' with Sushma Madappa

From the experimental to the classic, western to traditional On da Rocks! offers an eclectic mix of accessories to suit any occasion. Started by entrepreneur and designer Sushma Madappa, the brand stocks accessories from designers across India.

On da Rocks! is a one stop shop for all your jewellery needsOn da Rocks! is a one stop shop for all your jewellery needs

Accessories can totally change an outfit,
they can make plain into perfect. They can add personality to a wardrobe, and can give a woman a distinctive look. The right accessories can even turn a casual black dress into an "after five" attire. And if you’re looking for something that’s exclusive and fashionable then On da Rocks! has just the thing for you.

On da Rocks! is a one stop shop for all your jewellery, accessorising and styling needs. It stocks an eclectic mix of jewellery from all over India. Whether you are attending a wedding, an important meeting or interview or just a night out with your friends, you will find something for every occasion.

On da Rocks stocks hand-crafted clutches in colourful leather and other fabricsOn da Rocks! stocks hand-crafted clutches in colourful leather and other fabrics

From exclusive designer jewellery to hand crafted clutches, On Da Rocks has a host of options for shopaholics and fashionistas. Sushma Madappa, designer and entrepreneur who started On da Rocks!, offers a mix of classic-yet-contemporary designs with a twist. She believes in making accessories that are bold, colorful and offer an element of surprise. “I’ve always been creative and wanted to do something that would let me explore my creative side, and moreoverI had an MBA degree to back me up, so that’s how I got started with this venture,” she says.

She further adds, “On Da Rocks! stocks exclusive designer jewellery and accessories from designers across India. It is for the woman who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd and make a statement. On da Rocks! was started out of the need to find the perfect accessories, and I’m very particular about the jewellery. I don’t stock anything that I wouldn’t like to see on myself, so all the pieces are carefully handpicked and you’d find only the best here,”

Under the brand On da Rocks!, Sushma has her own line of jewellery called Bohemian Princess. True to her own eclectic style, Sushma combines traditional techniques with a truly modern flair that gives her jewellery its uniqueness. Inspired by elements as unusual as the abacus, mathematics, scotch etc, the designs are unconventional and non-conformal with a degree of craziness to them. One can choose from a wide range of brightly colored, plain as well as printed bags and clutches in silk, velvet, cotton and leather.

The jewellery is exquisitely crafted and has a certain “je ne sais quoi” to its designs.  “My range of jewellery is for the free-spirited woman who loves to experiment and has a style of her own. I have a line that is inspired from scotch; all the pieces in the collection have various hues of the whisky. I draw inspiration from almost everything around me. I like to make my accessories quirky and fun,” Says Sushma.

Bohemian Princess is a jewellery line which designs eclectic piecesBohemian Princess is a jewellery line which designs eclectic pieces

On da Rocks! currently retails at flea markets and online but Sushma plans to set up a full-fledged store soon. She says “I started On da Rocks!  about a year ago and the clientele has increased ever since. I plan to setup a store in the near future as I offer other services as well. I want On da Rocks! to be a one stop destination for accessories,”

Sushma even offers styling advice and will help you put together the most unique and enviable wedding trousseau or will dress you up for date. Sushma says that most people confuse style with wearing what is trendy or fashionable. She believes that every woman has her own unique style that defines who she is,  and On da Rocks! will help you identify it and then fine tune it.  “I help people find their own sense of style. Not many know where to shop and what really suits them, in that case I make things easier for them by offering style consultation. I usually have a look at their wardrobe; get to know their fashion sense and give them a total makeover. This service has been well-received so far,” she says.

In the future Sushma plans to showcase more accessories from designers across India, “Currently I stock jewellery from about 7 – 8 designers and in the future I plan to showcase accessories from upcoming designers as well. The USP of On da Rocks! is that we stock only exclusive pieces, so I don’t really want to commercialize it. I want to maintain the exclusivity,” Says Sushma.
All the accessories are priced between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 20,000. To buy accessories from On da Rocks, you can get in touch with Sushma - or contact - 9845283210
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Where ru based..? Do u showcase ur jewellery anywhere in banglore

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