Venture Tuesday: PetsDhaba – Tiffin service for pet pooches!

If you thought that dial-up services were only for pizzas and groceries, well, think again. Now you have the luxury of picking up the phone and ordering food for your dogs too. PetsDhaba delivers meals for dogs at your doorstep all through the day.

Pooches that prefer home-cooked food
now have a choice. PetsDhaba provides fresh home-cooked food according to the nutrition, health and growth requirements of each dog.  “I loved cooking for my pet dog Princess; I would often try out different things as she is a complete foodie and is always looking for variety. And when my friends got to know about this, they asked me to cook for their dogs too, and that’s how I got started with PetsDhaba. Though I started cooking for pet’s way longer, PetsDhaba was officially launched in May,” explains techie turned entrepreneur Shubha. K

So from Vegetarian Meal plan that has the correct mix of cereals, vegetables, fruits and nuts, milk and oils, to Non-vegetarian Meal plan that contains chicken and mix of cereals, the meals span various cuisines such as Indian and Italian. “The meals that we prepare for dogs are all prepared in our kitchen under my supervision. We cater to the whole of Bangalore and we have about two delivery boys and a cook,” informs Shubha.

Stewy Delight, Fortified with egg and MultivitaminsStewy Delight, Fortified with egg and Multivitamins

“We started on a small scale since we were not sure how the people would respond to a service like this. But it struck very well with dog owners,” admits Shubha, who now aims to cater to all the pets in Bangalore.   

They also provide salads and delicacies on certain days, so that the pets have a variety to choose from, but it’s all done keeping in mind the calorie intake of the pet.  “We reduce the amount of the meal course, keeping in mind the calories. For Example on Tuesday, the Fruit and Nut salad served in the evening is approx 150gms. So the Morning and evening meal will be around 400 Gms each, so that balances out the day’s intake” she says.  

Shubha started this service only after thoroughly researching on canine nutrition and meeting veterinary doctors trying to know what makes for a balanced diet for pets. “I consulted my veterinary doctor before setting up PetsDhaba. Only after thoroughly understanding what kind of food suits the dogs and the calorie intake required, we started working on our menu. We offer paneer and cheese for Vegetarian pets. For Non Vegetarian pets we use chicken with assorted veggies and broken wheat which are extremely nutritious,” Says Shubha.  

PetsDhaba has various meal plans, like weekly, fortnightly and monthly. “People who are initially are skeptical about the food usually opt for the weekly plan and once they see that their pets are satisfied with the food provided, they either opt for the fortnightly or the monthly plan. Also we get a lot of requests for weekly plan during the festive season,” explains Shubha.

Currently PetsDhaba caters to around 50 – 55 pets across the city and the cooking for these pets is started quite early in the morning. “The cooking is started at about three in the morning and by four thirty; the food is packed and ready to be delivered. By six the food reaches the pets. We work on shifts and the food is delivered much in advance so that the pets don’t go hungry,” she adds. With the home delivery of dog meals catching up in the city, the company’s next stop is other dog-related services that they plan to begin sometime in the future.
To order a meal for your pet, you can call 9538213716, 9538213717 or go to to order a free trial meal for your little one today.

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