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All about Seekh Kebab’s

Find out why Sheek Kebab’s are the most sought after street food in Bangalore.

Seekh Kebab’s one of the most sought after street food in Bangalore.Seekh Kebab’s one of the most sought after street food in Bangalore.

They are tasty, cheap and break the hygiene protocols, yet there will be a queue of people waiting to savor them at any given time of the day. Yes, we are talking about Seekh Kebab’s sold mostly on the street corners.

The shops, be it the ones in the busy streets of Shivaji Nagar or the ones amidst the hustle and bustle of Tilak Nagar are all small places which do pretty well when it comes to business. The baffling names on the menu and the alluring prices are some of the reasons they are a hit among everyone. Ashwin George, a student from one of the city colleges, questions, “Who cares about the hygiene factor when it comes to food? All I need is a delicious snack, and these eateries definitely serve some great Kabab’s. Seekh Kebab’s are my favorites,” says George.

George wasn’t alone while commenting on hygiene, but there were others too who shared the same thoughts. Rana a techie from I.B.M., says, “If one looks for hygiene all the time, then I must say, there is nothing that he can sustain himself on. Then the options available for this kind of food are very few. Another aspect is that this type of food are high on calories.” He added, “We don’t know how things are cooked at big hotels, yet we believe they are hygienic. I think, it’s just the way they serve which makes us feel that the food served in these hotels is good.”  

Made with keema (lamb or beef mince), and traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven, Seekh Kebab is a traditional South Asian cuisine. The kebab’s consist of small cubes of meat threaded on a skewer that are grilled or roasted. Over the years’, Bangalore has seen an increase in the number of food places serving these kebab’s. Most of these places are small and the customers have to stand while devouring the yummy kebabs. Yet, people don’t mind frequenting these places. So, what makes these places special? “The whole idea of standing by the road side, seeing the Seekhs grilled right in front of my eyes, makes it special. And they taste really amazing, so I got nothing to lose,” said Fatheh a PR executive who is a fan of Sheekh Kebabs. When asked on how many times he frequents these places he says, “Not less than two times a week.”

Seekh Kebab’s are made from mince of Lamb and BeefSeekh Kebab’s are made from mince of Lamb and Beef

The price too, seems to play a major role in tempting a lot of the people to visit these places. “It’s a value for money. And because there is no sophistication involved in the process, the time they take to prepare one Seekh is very less, apparently I don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the Kebab’s to be cooked. I get it in a jiffy,” said Johnlee A.V., a media personal who visits these places often and loves how the kebab’s taste.

But according to the shop owners a great deal of time is spent working on the recipe of the Kebab. Firoz Nabi, who runs a shop at Tilak Nagar that specializes in Seekh Kebab explains, “We use charcoal for the preparation of the Seekh Kebab’s here. There are a lot of things that go behind the preparation. We need to chop a lot of onions, garlic, ginger and chilies, even before they are added to the preparation. Then we have to mix the preparation thoroughly with our hands or spoon, till a thick paste is formed.” He added, “Once the paste is prepared, then we mix it along with the mince of meat and make the kebab using the handle of a wooden spoon.”  

In Bangalore, some of the places that serve great Seekh Kebab’s are Tilak Nagar (Jayanagar, 4th T Block), Johnson Market (Richmond Town), Shivaji Nagar, Frazer Town, Gurudahalli.

Prices for this Kebab’s mostly range between 15 and 25 rupees. 
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