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Art Exhibition by Choyal Family from Udaipur

Bangalore art lovers will now get a taste of the Rajasthani art at the Chirtrakala Parishad.

Five artists from one single family of Udaipur, Rajasthan spanning three generations are showcasing their individual creative talents to the Bangalore art lovers between October 7 through Oct 11, 2009 at  Chitrakala Parishad Art Gallery no 3.

The Veteran, Kala-Ratna,  P N Choyal (84) has been well known in the Indian Art scenario for his “Dissolving Past” series and the ‘Women series’ where he interpolated the tragedy of Rajasthani Women and their trauma of hackneyed  social values for women.

Shail Choyal (64) son of PN Choyal was highly acclaimed in  70’s & 80’s of the last century for using the miniaturist  motifs in his paintings that earned him the Central  Lalit Kala Akademi Award as well as President of India, Neelam Sanjeeva  Reddy Award along with a chain of 21 distinct awards in the country. But Shail never stayed at one point and had several creative sweeps. Later, he combined strong musical quality with an evocative visual imagery and used fantasy as a metaphor in his art.

Surjeet  Kaur (60), partner of Shail has been recently acclaimed by several art galleries of India for her deep concern towards antiquity in which she used photos of princess and their flamboyant riches passing a veritable comment upon their perjury.  In the present showing Surjeet exhibits a psycho- thematic concern with a strong personal symbolism.

Akash Choyal (35), son of Shail and Surjeet pursues a peculiar logic to alter his motifs in an anti-natural sense and exquisitely combines his objects in an unexpected manner. In  this show he employs computer generated techniques to create his 3D imagery along with his automatism that gives birth to unprecedented stories and surreal illustrations. Akash explores fiberglass relief structures and ornates his surfaces with intuitional, imaginative and mystique drawings using a wiry miniature brush.

Charul, Akash’s partner, a theatre artist,  gives preference to color, space and body in her paintings.

Though all 5 artists belong to the same family and live under the same roof, each one has his own distinct style in painting and presentation of art.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat

Art Gallery No 3
Kumara Krupa Road
Gandhinagar, Bangalore -560001 Map

080 22261816
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