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Fighting fit with Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a form of martial arts that is used by some of the top defence agencies around the world. Find out how Bangalore’s taking up this latest fitness fad.

Along with self defence techniques Krav Maga also deals with a complete fitness regimeAlong with self defence techniques Krav Maga also deals with a complete fitness regime

Krav Maga, a form of martial arts from Israel is attracting a lot of attention in the city. With only one centre located in Richmond Town, people from all over the city, irrespective of age and gender are thronging the center to learn Krav Maga .

The techniques used in Krav Maga are derived from street-fighting, and makes the most to enhance one’s reflex action. Frank J, a Krav Maga instructor says the Israeli martial art is different from any other kind of martial art as it involves more real-life situations. “Krav Maga teaches you on how to use your muscles in the most efficient manner, using your own reflexes to fight back. Our body responds to all kinds of external attack, and it’s in our subconscious mind. The right utilization of your own reflexes can save you from a lot of danger.”

Frank feels fear can put one in a lot of danger. “When you have a tight working schedule, all throughout the week, you tend to follow a different lifestyle; it was the same with me when I was working for an I.T. company a few years ago. But then, it was after having met few officers from Indian Air force, who educated me about this free-form martial art, that I decided to work on it, which I thought was more productive than what I had been doing then,” said Frank.

It’s after six years of rigorous practice and hard work today Frank masters the art, and has been avidly working as a trainer at his institute in Bangalore for almost two years now. He says, “I am really grateful to the officers from the Indian Air Force who made me acquainted with Krav Maga. I also thank Vicky Kapoor, Chief Instructor from International Krav Maga Federation, India, who had helped me to understand about this art of fighting.

 Krav Maga makes the use of one’s own reflexes in the most efficient manner Krav Maga makes the use of one’s own reflexes in the most efficient manner

Krav Maga (meaning: contact combat), not only teaches one about self defence, but also helps in improving different aspects of his life. “It can help as a cardio workout, anti stress deals and situational combat like road rage, robbery, rape attempts, or any such random moments when you are unprepared, or are expecting the least on something like that to happen,” said Frank.

Krav Maga, is a close ranges of combat, it deals solely with real life situations, and educates one about self defence, more than being aggressive. “Our aim is not to make others run for his life, but it is more of learning self defence,” said Frank.

Whilst Frank takes it more as a matter of self defence, his students, who are all from a working background shares a mix reaction. Omer Basith, an entrepreneur from the city, explains, “It’s a total body fitness program, which not only equips you with techniques on self defence, but also helps you to improve in a lot of other aspects. It’s been a year not that I’ve been learning this, and must say, it has indeed helped me in a lot of things, including my personal front. It has, over the time, made me more confident.”

Pramoda Vgasarao, a Project Manager in an I.T. Company, thinks of Karv Maga as a form of Self Defence, Fitness, and Stress Buster. Vgasarao is presently doing his advanced courses on Krav Maga, and has been practising for two years now. Ashish Suhog, one of the juniors in the group says, “It’s just my second day, and I’m already enjoying it. Apart from being regular fitness training, it also helps to understand more about self defence techniques. Here we deal with real life situations which make us ready to handle any situation. I want to join the defence force of the country someday, and I’m sure this will help me a lot to achieve my dreams.”  

There are no rules for Krav Maga fighting, and no built-in distinctions in training between men and women. Frank emphasises saying the martial arts prepares one to also deal with life threatening situations. “My aim is not to get a trainer out of somebody, but to make him ready for any kind combats that may arise in anybody’s life, in his day-to-day living,” concluded the man with a smirk.

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