Road Veda: Biking the unexplored

A biking club in the city brings together travelling and love for The Bullet. MyBangalore hitched a ride with Road Veda, to know more about this one of a kind club.

 Along with seasoned bikers, there were a few who experienced the thrill of riding on Indian roads for the first time Along with seasoned bikers, there were a few who experienced the thrill of riding on Indian roads for the first time

Ever imagined travelling all over the country on a motorcycle? That’s precisely what Road Veda aims at. The brainchild of Gautam Kotamraju and wife Venetia Kotamraju, Road Veda is a group of more than 500 bikers who organise bike rides mostly for Bulleteers, to places across the country.

Last Sunday the 25th of October saw the group with close to 40 bikes ride to two places- a hilltop past the Kanva reservoir, and Ramadevara Betta stretching a distance of 250 kilometers in total. Mybangalore, joined this army of Bulleteers to see what it felt like to hit the road on a two wheeler, biking through the curvy roads of rural Karnataka. The group saw mean and women biking enthusiast ride alongside two back-up vehicles, and an ambulance.  

Riding through the highway the bikers enter a village by taking the right off the Mysore highway. Riding through the 3 km stretch into Ramanagaram you finally make your way to the first destination – Ramadevara Betta. It was a delight to see the city waking up as day broke, with the riders relishing their first meal of the day atop 4000 ft in a woody hill. As the day went by the massive rock cliff with a temple atop were clearly visible. Many of the riders seemed to be familiar with the place, but there were some novices too. Karthik Jadhav one of the riders, said, “It has been great riding so far, and the place is amazing. I have heard about this place but never got the opportunity to come and visit.” A Bullet enthusiast he spoke about his recently acquired bike. “I would see my dad riding a bullet, but then I was young to ride one by myself. So, today, when I am working and I am old enough to ride one, I thought its high time I own one too.”

After Ramadevara Betta, the bikers next destination was a hilltop close to Kanva reservoirAfter Ramadevara Betta, the bikers next destination was a hilltop close to Kanva reservoir

A few of the experienced riders thought of the ‘Road Veda’ as a great idea. “I often travel; mostly on my bullet. I got to know about this trip from a friend of mine who knows about Road Veda, and the trips they make. I also think, its a great way to get together likeminded people who share the same thoughts. We don’t get to know riders otherwise, especially the ones who are avid riders and share the same perspective towards Bullets,” said Arvind, another rider from the group.  

Their next destination was a hilltop past Kanva reservoir. The whole venture was fun for the riders who hoped more trips such as to be held more often. Meghna Khanna, a boutique owner and a motorcycle enthusiast, said “I have been riding bikes since I was just 16-years-old. Today, Bullet’s are my favorite. I don’t know the reason behind it, but riding one, is like a daily affair. Road Veda has done a fabulous job. They have really organised it well. I, otherwise don’t like to go in a large group, but this time I didn’t see a problem at all. It is surely a well coordinated trip.” Khanna also recently made a two-week trip from Delhi to Ladakh.  

Puja Rao, a designer from the city believes these rides to be a different experience altogether. “I mostly go riding with my husband. But it was fun to have so many of the riders together. I was initially apprehensive to have known that there were so many of the riders, but again, it was a different experience altogether. I think clubs like Road Veda help getting likeminded people together who share the same thoughts towards bullets. You don’t have groups like this for any other kinds of bikes, it’s only for Bullets. I think there is a different cult of people who share the same thoughts towards Bullets, it’s just like the ones abroad who share it for Harley Davidson”

Bullets have stood the test of time and the bike is still a favorite with manyBullets have stood the test of time and the bike is still a favorite with many
Road Veda is nine months old now, and the group is aiming at bigger events. Gautam Kotamraju, the man behind Road Veda, speaks about his expectations and the journey he has made. “I don’t know what makes the bike special, but it means everything to me. There is something great about owning a bullet, you know. I always wanted to create a platform for riders in the country, which Road Veda will try to provide. It will organize trips and introduce riders to one and other. Our aim is to make people see what our country really is. I think the bike has a strong proximity with the country.” Venetia, his wife, shares a similar thought. Being a rider herself she thinks that there is nothing like travelling through the country with a Bullet.  

Kotamraju, who is from UK has now settled with her husband in the city, thinks it’s a great way to witness the real colors of India. She says “I study Sanskrit and I like the culture of this country. But real India, which I think is not something that you can see in the hustle and bustle of a city like Bangalore. It goes beyond that, amidst the lush-filled green leaves of the Indian jungles, the scattering dust of the rural India, where one can smell the aroma of true India. I want people to see the real picture, the true colors of India, which can be best adored on a bike.”

Bikers pose for a photograph atop Ramadevara BettaBikers pose for a photograph atop Ramadevara Betta

Road Veda is a club that comprises of people from all walks of life including people from abroad. Along with weekly trips, the club also plans their trip based on what the club’s riders suggest. With the intention of seeing the country with a different perspective, thereby seeing it a true sense, Road Veda plans to have a lot of such trips in the years ahead, thus giving riders an opportunity to travel India with their most beloved bike- The Bullet. 

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