Calantha Habba - Festival of fashion, culture and light

Posted by lavanyas013  |  23. October 2010

Calantha Habba is a small initiative by
Calantha Wardrobe, to showcase the culture of Karnataka in a festive way.  The Festival was kickstarted with the Yakshagana performance to depict the Karnataka culture. There were beautifully decorated oxen along with the performers gracing Calantha Habba and playing their instruments which completely set in the mood of this festival.

Calantha Festival is basically about showcasing some of India’s best textiles and accessories to the people of Bangalore with beautiful sarees and textile from the different regions of India. Collection includes breathtaking Lucknowi Chikankari sarees and dress materials in whites that have minimal embellishments on them which make them look beyond beautiful and feminine. Kalamkari sarees all the way from Kalahasthi to the studio, with Kalamkari patchwork sarees where in beautiful kalamkari motifs are patch worked on to sarees and hand embroidered to give it a rich and a new look. Hand-woven Sarees from Kolegal with interesting patterns and colour schemes, which are traditional yet contemporary. Bhagalpur tussar Sarees with wide borders in subtle colors.

Calantha has come up with its own range of exclusive printed sarees like tussars, chiffons, and georgettes etc which have tone on tone prints, geometric prints, floral prints and much more. Also on showcase are accessories typically from Karnataka. There is a choice of hand-crafted eco-friendly jewelry by using re-cycled concept and jewellery from Jaipur which is something one would want to wear on that “I wanna look good” occasion. There are candle sellers displaying some of their best works like diya’s and candle stands and some beautiful hand made Kundan decorations, which are reusable and with changeable patterns.

Roopa Pemmaraju who owns Calantha Wardrobe is a designer who reinvents traditional styles and adapts them to modern sensibilities. Merging two distinctive cultures, of her homeland India and her adopted land Australia, Roopa has successfully built up a label that celebrates the contemporary woman. Roopa, who creates her own prints, is influenced by various aspects. She is enthused by ancient Indian lifestyles, the golden era of painting and architecture, and by nature. At the same time, she draws inspiration from certain Western icons, women like Talitha Getty – known for her boho-chic style, and Uschi Obermaier – model and pin up girl for the sexual revolution of the late 1960s. With the contemporary edge in her prints stemming from geometrical forms coupled with interesting hues, Roopa also acknowledges singer Jimi Hendrix for her colour palette.

Roopa’s USP is the material she uses: soft cotton, textured crepe, flowing chiffon and luxuriant silk, all procured from India, a country known for its rich textile heritage. Onto these gorgeous materials, she embosses her prints. So while you have ornate patterns, elaborate beading and jewellery embellishment, you also get clean, simple lines on fluid fabrics, resulting in stunning products.

With her exceptional talent and unique outlook, Roopa is now being invited to design for other labels. Even as she does what she is best known for, she is also planning her next project – the launch of an online luxury fashion boutique called that will showcase Roopa’s designs and also support upcoming young designers.

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