Country’s second largest book festival in Bangalore from November 12

Palace Grounds will turn into a treasure trove for book lovers for ten days, beginning on November 12. The Bangalore Booksellers and Publishers Association will enter its eighth year with a gala celebration.

Book Festival 2010 from November 12 Photograph:The HinduBook Festival 2010 from November 12 Photograph:The Hindu

The eighth edition of the Bangalore
Book Festival 2010 will kick off at the City's Palace Grounds from November 12.   A record number of over 300 stalls from the country’s biggest publishers, distributors, exporters and importers are expected to participate in the biggest-ever show, which is touted as India’s second largest book festival after Kolkata. The books under diverse categories in most of the major languages is expected to attract more than 2 lakh people and generate an estimated total business of about Rs 15 crore according to B S Raghuram, BBF programme director.

As part of the Book Festival, a bonanza of entertainment programmes ranging from light music to folk dance programmes, book-reading sessions and special poets' meets will be held during the festival after 6 pm every day. ''Like last year, this year too we are promoting book trade through the book fair," Raghuram said, pointing out that the BBH will provide the best opportunity book lovers and book readers as also publishers and all involved in the book trade to meet under one roof in a festival of this scale.

Balram Sadvani, President, Bangalore Book Publishers’ Association (BBPA), said all efforts have been made to hold the festival on a grand manner. This festival would become a trendsetter for other states, he said pointing out that several publishers have already committed their participation.

Devaru Bhat, secretary BBPA, said that the event is spread over 75,000 sq.ft is jointly organized by the Bangalore Booksellers and Publishers Association and Klub Class. The Kannada Book Authority has extended the financial support to the fair. As part of a strategy to ensure that a large number of people visit the festival, Raghuram said celebrities in the film industry and the corporate world would be invited to the annual book event.

Academic and reading habit would be promoted through this festival by involving the various schools and colleges in the city. The stalls would get bulk orders from libraries of various colleges and research institutes during the festival, he said.
The fair is expected to generate business to the tune of about Rs. 15 Crore. Subsidies have been given to Kannada publishing houses to encourage participation. Nearly 200 English, 60 Kannada and 40 other regional language publications will set up stalls.

India comes third in the number of English language publications, after the US and UK. India is also the only country to publish books in 24 languages. Although nearly 7,830 million books are circulated globally through export and import, the industry incurs a loss of Rs 700 crore per year.
The festival is open to the public from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m at Palace grounds from November 12. Entry fee is Rs. 20 though there is no charge for school and college students.

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kartheek Nov 21st, 2010 10:57 AM

@sandip i'm going 2day will chk tht out!!!

SANDIP SINHA Nov 20th, 2010 08:06 PM

My  book  "  Corporate  Leverage - Revisited " is said  to  be  
available  at  the  pothi.com  stall  no. 236  . 
Has  anyone  seen  the  book  at  the  pothi.com  stall  ?
I  shall  be  highly  obliged  if  someone  would  kindly  visit  the  stall  and  check  out  the book .

Sai Nov 16th, 2010 05:29 PM

What is the cost of one pass to enter the book fair???

harun Nov 12th, 2010 12:01 PM

why cant you organise debates on various isms and religious doctrine 

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