Good times with Kingfisher Premium The Great Indian October Fest

A round up of the Kingfisher Premium The Great Indian October Fest that rocked the city of Bangalore like never before.

Mohit Chauhan enthralling the audience with his numbers Photograph: Nishal LamaMohit Chauhan enthralling the audience with his numbers Photograph: Nishal Lama

Three continuous days of electrifying musical performances, free flowing beer, finger-licking foods, eclectic shopping at the bohemian flea market, a display of gorgeous antique cars and an arena of competitive gaming brought the crowds to a fever pitch of excitement. 

The weekend frenzy was kick started by, the edgy and experimental band, ‘The Other People’. Their music, for sure, was just the right the thing to keep things started rolling. Once the crowd was warmed up, the wildly famous Bedouin Sound Clash opened their Reggae numbers to thundering applause and Mohit Chauhan of Silk Route fame followed with popular Bollywood hits. DJs Swing and Lost Stories closed the night with a mix of house and electronic and set the tempo for the next two days of this Good Times carnival. 

 Shaan croons some of his hit numbers at the Oktoberfest Photograph: Nishal Lama Shaan croons some of his hit numbers at the Oktoberfest Photograph: Nishal Lama

It was the last day that many seemed to be looking forward to, especially the metal lovers. Along with a host of other metal bands like Kryptos, De Profoundis, there was a band Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues—The soulmate from Shillong. The last day of India’s biggest music fest saw a genuine tribute to metal with hours of heavy vocals, extended guitar solos and emphatic beats that swept listeners into the sounds. Needless to say, music aficionados had one helluva of a time listening to the bands of various genres. Kangkan Nath, a student of International College of Music (ICOM), Malaysia, “It’s great to see such big music festivals happening in the country today. It was known in the West earlier, especially in Europe, US and the UK”. “It’s a great to see that even international bands are coming and participating in the festival, and it’s happening in a city like Bangalore – a city which is known for its great culture, and the vibes are great.”  

Blues band Soulmate Photograph: Nishal LamaBlues band Soulmate Photograph: Nishal Lama

After listening to some Indian bands, people had the pleasure of listening to the Italian band Lacuna Coil. A gothic metal band from Ital with heavy rock influences and orchaestreal music, the band did their first ever performance in Bangalore at the KP TGIOF. The band, with their extraordinary guitar ensembles were the definitive show stealers. They sang many hit singles from their albums, Karmacode, Comalies and Shallow Life. Speaking to ‘mybangalore’ prior to their performance, Cristina Scabbia, one of the two vocalists said, “The crowd looks amazing. Bangalore seems to be a lovely place, and I would like to go seeing the place a day after the concert. It’s always nice to perform to the audience of this energy” 

Italian band Lacuna Coil  Photograph: Nishal lamaItalian band Lacuna Coil Photograph: Nishal lama

The best part of KP TGIOF was the continuous flow of Kingfisher draught straight from the breweries to the stalls along with over 10,000 sq ft of space that was dedicated to mouth watering delicacies. The stalls offered a vast menu that included spicy Indian cuisine and authentic Continental dishes. People cruised from stall to stall seeking out treasures at the vibrant flea market. Large groups of friends and families teamed up to play paint ball and other interactive games at the gaming zone and participate in a variety of fun competitions. The brand new F1 racing game was a big draw as was the car show which was made interactive by inviting participants to display their very own antique cars and bikes. The Beer Guzzling event was a massive hit amongst beer lovers at this Kingfisher carnival. 

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som Feb 15th, 2011 05:23 PM

this is good time for all

Swetha Oct 29th, 2010 01:02 PM

Lacuna Coil the Best of 3 days....

Praveen Oct 25th, 2010 10:49 PM

3 cheers to soulmate...I became a die hard fan yday !
and just ordered their cd:D

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