How to get Internet and Phone connection in Bangalore

Are you new to Bangalore and don’t know how to get Internet and BSNL phone connection? Here’s a simple guide to help you through.

You don’t have internet connection
and don’t know how to get it? Just follow these simple guidelines and get your Internet connection fixed. Internet is just a simple way to bring the whole world inside your PC or laptop. Common methods of accessing internet at home include dial-up, landline broadband (over coaxial cable, fiber optic or copper wires), Wi-Fi, satellite and 3G technology cell phones. Getting an Internet connection through your landline telephone is a thing of the past. Cablenet or broadband are the way to go.  

Internet through cable is referred to as cablenet. Call your cable TV guy and ask him if he provides this service. Your TV cable will be used as a medium for the Internet and you need a cable modem for it. Both the signals, TV and Internet, are sent separately along different channels through the same cable. Once connected, you don't need to dial in. The Internet will always be on. The speed of access is higher as compared to the connection through your telephone line.
Broadband is often called high-speed Internet, because it usually has a high rate of data transmission. It is ideal for those constantly on the move as you can connect to the net from wherever you are. Broadband's digital nature makes its use easy. Just attach the data card to your laptop and you are set to surf. There are different brands of connection and you can choose after you check the tariff and offers.

Following brands offer broadband connections:

  • Airtel provides broadband internet connection in India. Click this link and to find out the Airtel broadband & internet tariffs available in your city, please select your location from the drop-down. Unlike BSNL, activation takes only 2-3 days from the day you fill up the application form and make the payment. Downtime is very minimal. Airtel Broadband has extra features like Games on demand which allows customer to download and play unlimited number of games for a nominal fee per month.
  • For BSNL also, you will rarely see the internet service down. The customer service of Airtel is much better than BSNL. They give you a choice of wired modem or Wi-Fi modem. Again, you can choose whether you wish to purchase the modem outright or pay a monthly rental. 
  • Tata Indicom has several offers related to new Broadband internet connection. The network of Tata Indicom is much smaller as compared to BSNL and Airtel. Thus they take somewhat extra time while installing the connection. Also due to smaller network, they don’t accept all the application forms for internet connection. They also provide wireless data cards. If you have a laptop then this is a good option. Tata indicom broadband has both prepaid and postpaid options.
  • Reliance Communications is also a big name in broadband market of India. Their tariff plans are designed to suit every pocket and have been customized to meet your speed and spend requirements. For registration, call them by dialing *334 from a Reliance phone or 3033 3434 from any other phone. They also provide Audio and Video conferencing facility with internet connection.
  • Sify is one of the largest Internet service providers in India. It also provides broadband internet connection. Sify Broadband uses the latest technology called ‘fixed wireless. Simply put, this uses a stationary 10″ X 10″ rectangular device called the subscriber-unit. Mounted on the roof of a Cable Operator’s building, this device points to the closest Sify Base Station that sends and receives signals. As the signal is received in your Cable Operator’s subscriber-unit, it is sent through wired cable to your home/building to reach the computer in your home. The result: Amazing internet speeds which do not depend upon telephone line quality as in the case of a Dial-up connection.
Here’s how you can get BSNL telephone connection
BSNL offers telephone connections in the following main categories to it's subscribers:
Permanent Connections:
Permanent connections are available in the following eight categories to suit different subscribers.
Casual Connections:
Casual connections are provided to applicants for social/religious functions, marriages, exhibitions etc., for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Procedure for registration 

  • The standard application form prescribed for new telephone connection can be obtained free of cost from any of the designated offices of the BSNL or the Customer Service Centers located anywhere in the country. Photocopies of these forms as well as downloaded copies FROM THE Internet are also accepted.
  • The completed application along with the demand draft may be given by hand in the office of the GM/TDM/TDE/SDE for registration. 
  • The completed application form may also be sent by registered post along with demand draft for requisite amount towards registration fee drawn in the name of designated authority, in the office of GM/ TDM / TDE /SDE under whose jurisdiction the telephone connection is required.
  • In areas where telephone is available 'on demand' the form for New Telephone Connection(NTC) may be deposited without demand draft.  In such cases, after receipt of form for NTC, Demand Note for payment of applicable installation charges shall be issued.  On receipt of payment against Demand Note, the OB for installation of telephone connection shall be issued immediately.
  • A Bona-fide Verification for new connection/shift of telephone connection is  done by the Department before a new telephone connection is sanctioned or an existing phone is shifted to a new address.
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praveen. Dec 08th, 2010 03:29 PM

Bsnl new internet connection for landline in mahalakshipuram 

Harsh Oct 14th, 2010 10:26 PM

Quality of article is suspect - Anyone who has used Sify will say that it is the crappiest internet ever. The speeds are the slowest and internet frequently goes down when there is a powercut.
Internet over telephone lines through DSL is the fastest. Airtel is the best- though they may not give connection in all areas. BSNL is also good, but you have to run a few time s to get the connection.

kumar Oct 12th, 2010 01:48 PM

yea agree.BSNL service turns godd now. What about 3G. Datarate is superb na

Deepak Oct 12th, 2010 11:46 AM

The article is titled "How to get Internet and Phone connection in Bangalore" but the author gives a lecture on the Internet and its different forms. Procedure given is common all over India and not particular to Bangalore.

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