Now, a wheelchair for injured and handicapped dogs

Nowadays, disabled and handicapped dogs can regain their normal life by using a wheelchair. The dog wheel chair provides the best solution to help it overcome any situation.

Now you can provide comfort to your
handicapped dog by getting an adjustable wheelchair for a perfect fit. Yasmine D. Polomski, who witnessed dogs lead a painful life due to their inability to move, designs wheelchairs and trolleys for them locally at one-third the cost of the imported ones. A Belgian by birth, Yasmine has made the city her home and is a volunteer with several animal welfare organizations in the city. “The lack of mobility results in other health complications which could finally lead to the animal’s death,” says Ms Polomski.

The concept of a dog wheelchair or trolley is not common in India and most have to be imported making them expensive, she said. “I realized there is a need to manufacture them locally,” she said. Ms Polomski got carpenters to design the trolleys at one-third the price of the imported ones that cost between `12,000-15,000. Due to accidents or old age, dogs lose strength in their limbs but it is important to keep them mobile.

Dog carts are the only solution for physically handicapped dogs and it helps to keep them in a better shape. The dog cart  will also help you enjoy playing with your dog both inside and outside of your home. Adjustable dog wheels will grow and change with the health of the dog. Before purchasing one, you need to thoroughly understand how to use it and check with a veterinarian to make sure it is the right choice. In some of the better carts, there are soft, comfortable harnesses worn by the dog and attached to the cart with easy clips.

“It is essential for dogs to be on the move or they develop health problems and eventually die a painful death. The trolley or wheelchair helps them to be active, despite losing their strength,” said Sujaya Jagadish, secretary, SOACT (Save Our Animals Charitable Trust). SOACT is an independent, nonprofit organization that relies on help from animal lovers and public for all its activities. It is not supported by any grants or funding by governments.

The primary aim of SOACT is to work with the community, the Government, leaders with vision, NGOs, etc. to bring a set of long term solutions to reach a manageable balance leading to a win-win situation for the society and the stray population. This is of paramount importance to the health of the society as unattended, ill-treated and careless disposition of dead animals can lead to an increased number of infectious and other illnesses to the humans.

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ariane Feb 11th, 2011 01:33 PM

i need one wheel chair urgently where can i get one?

Dr. Kuldeep Nov 19th, 2010 10:22 PM

It seems from the article that the work of Rehabilitation specialists and Veterinarians have been left on Carpenters. Biodynamics of dog movement is a very complex, and designing a perfect custom made wheelchair according to centre of gravity requirement of dog body for its proper alignment and positioning of spinal chord require lot of expertise.
I have come across a  professional team INNOVATION INDIA dedicated for this cause at and
one can directly order wheelchair online and that too starts at cheapest rate of Rs.6000/- for small breeds, ofcourse price increases as the size of dog increases.
Treating animals needs to be ethical and that too under the supervision of a Veterinarian only as per rules and regulations laid by VCI.
Cheer up all you guys, keep doing the great work...

Dr Aloka N. Dalal Oct 14th, 2010 09:26 AM

If one is interested in procuring a wheelchair for a dog, where can one go?  If one at least had a design one could get a carpenter, etc to help build one... we have such an abandoned street dog in hand, and it needs help, we are at our wits end to find such a thing in India.
Where do we go?

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