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Properties in Bangalore will soon get a Property Identification number

Very, soon all property owners in Bangalore will get a unique Property Identification (PID) number which will be integrated with Geographical Information System (GIS) on BBMP website, making it easy to estimate and collect property tax in Bangalore.

After introducing the Unique Identification
project (UID), the government is all set to launch another such initiative where property owners  will get a unique identification number. By January 2011, all property owners of Bangalore will finally get their updated unique Property Identification (PID) numbers. Property Identification Numbers (PID) will make the work of estimating and collecting property tax in Bangalore very swift and trouble-free. PID consists of Ward number, Street number and the Door number of property and is a unique for every property. You can also get your PID number in website and can get information on your property details.

The new PIDs will be a complete identity of your property - not just updating ward numbers. They will be 'geo-tagged' with the exact spacial dimensions of your property and have the latest photograph of your house. After January, one can access details on the BBMP website about any property in the city using the PIDs.

Currently, only properties in core areas have PIDs - majority of them still have the old ward numbers and there's no uniformity in digits. "We are now working on setting up a continuous updation process of these unique IDs. All PIDs in core areas will be updated with new ward numbers within the next 8-10 days. However, we are still working on other changes. Once updated, the PIDs can also be used for property registrations and even in bank transactions for loans. In later stages, the PIDs will also help in giving a scientific identity to streets," a senior BBMP official said.

Presently, the PIDs are all fixed at nine digits in three parts - ward number, street number and property number. The number of digits might be altered depending on field surveys that are being conducted now. The surveys for PID updation began last month and are expected to be completed by November-end. According to BBMP sources, there are two teams assigned per ward. Each team comprises engineers, a tax inspector and revenue inspector. These teams have been going around the ward, mapping properties and taking their photographs.

With this, the property database for the city using Geo Information System (GIS) will also be ready by January. A total 13.87 lakh properties have been plotted on the GIS map till date and are now being verified and updated with other details based on these field surveys.

A major problem of the Palike with tax collection has been the lack of tools to track property with accuracy. With GIS-based property survey finally reaching completion, it will now have access to a complete property database with details of dimensions, directions and land use. Even the number of floors in each building can be tracked.

Source: TOI

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SURENDRA B Jan 13th, 2012 09:11 PM

pls tell the owners name belongs to BBMP PID No. 83-216-73A

Syed Faiz Ahmed Jun 29th, 2011 02:07 PM

Since past week I am trying to pay the property tax I am unable to pay it because of GIS number not known,please help me from were I can get the GIS number.
Best Regards
Syed Faiz Ahmed

SAJJAD PASHA May 27th, 2011 08:42 AM

dear sir, there are lot of properties that are still under survey numbers, where people are paying property taxes, where still government has not given any facilities, willl some one tell when this properties with survey numbers will get PID numbers, also when the government will look after the areas to make improvement.  thanks

b.ananda Apr 11th, 2011 02:00 PM

ward wise tax details to be released to pay the tax on line to avoid the unnecessary problems between tax payers and concerned revenue inspectors (in some ward they are harassing the public in not supporting to fill the forms and demanding somethings) 

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