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Purple Ink - Customizing jeans and shoes with funky art

Purple Ink customizes everything from jeans to sketch books to canvas shoes with funky art. If personalized apparel or accessories are permanently on your wish list, these young artists are the guys to go by.

While conventional artists use palettes
and canvases for art, there are some who create their own genre. Purple Ink started by two young artists – Arpita Rao,  and Pia Rajendra customize jeans to notebooks to canvas shoes with varied art. Be it tattoo inspired designs, rock inspired motifs, graffiti, typography, brilliant graphic design or even the girliest designs, they make sure the stuff is personalized to suit your every fancy.

What started as an experiment in 2009 has now caught on as the latest fad among city youngsters. Wearing custom-designed apparel or shoes and showcasing an individual style statement is the latest buzz doing the rounds among the young ones. “We started Purple Ink because we couldn’t find clothes or accessories to suit our tastes. There were not many people who were into customizing apparel or accessories. If you wanted something different and unique from the rest of the crowd, there were no options. Also this is a good platform to showcase our skills,” Explains Pia, who is currently pursuing her graphic design course.

“The speciality of our designs is that we don’t repeat it. It’s unique for each one,” says Pia. Designs range from funky tribal ones, tattoos to the cartoons and super heroes, all hand painted on shoes, t-shirts, denims, bags and almost anything that can be painted on. The best part is that one can get the designs and paintings made-to-order. “We take reference from the internet but our designs usually revolve around the concept and theme that the client wants,” adds Pia

Also their love for tattooing is what helped them get started with this venture. Pia says “I went to Pradeep Menon’s Studio, Dark Arts to work as a tattoo artist and Arpitha used to work there, that’s how I met her. I’ve been working there as a part-time tattoo artist for about two years now and it’s been a great learning experience,”

Talk about their clientele and it ranges from 14-year-olds to a 30-year-olds, the common link being that they all adore the product. The prices range from Rs. 250 for painting sketch books and Rs. 500 for customizing jeans. Purple Ink doesn’t retail at any outlet; they completely operate through Facebook. “There was no point setting up a store or retailing our products, since it’s all made-to-order we thought Facebook was a good platform to showcase our products,” she adds.  

In just a year’s time, they have achieved quite a lot; during IPL they painted the RCB logo on a pair of converse for team ambassador, Ramya, who proudly flaunted it throughout the IPL season.  Apart from this major feat, they are busy doing wall art for the restaurant Hungry Hogs in Kormangala. “In between our classes and work, me and Arpitha are busy with the work for the restaurant. We are doing graffiti and wall mural, and it’s a new experience and a great platform to showcase our talent,” says Pia.

Once Pia is done with her graphic designing course, she plans to set-up a small tattoo and art studio where she wants to showcase their products.
To know more log onto their Facebook Page. So what are you waiting for? order now and get funky!
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donnie brasco Apr 21st, 2011 09:57 PM

hey u guys do sum crazy stuff .......... if u looking for mre ppl who do stuff lyk that !!!! i mite be of some a help coz i do stuff lyk that wen m bored!!!!!!!

daisy Mar 14th, 2011 08:31 PM

I want some written cool ques to make my art more attractive , which is actually very hard to find elsewhere.

bishan Oct 04th, 2010 01:27 AM

How about wall papers for comps? I find them the hardest to find. Wall papers inspired of tattoo's, graffiti or what ever…

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