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Restaurants serving authentic Navratri Thali

Navratri is all about festivity and food. The Guide brings you a round up of eateries that are serving special Navratri food. With a plethora of feasting options this festive season, fasting has never been fancier!

Navratri  and Dusshera means the onset of
the special festive season – a time for fun, festivity and food. It is a festival of worship and dance. But traditions and spirituality apart, it is also associated with some special food as fasting forms an intrinsic part of the festival. Besides being considered auspicious, fasting is also good for health as it gives the digestive system some rest and cleans the toxic materials in one's body. But, in its true sense, fasting for some people is the change of food that suits their taste buds. 

A Vrat Thali includes of food items for the devotees who observe fast. As, during the fast, it is compulsory to eat only satvik food, there are limited options available for the fast-observers. However, now days, cookery experts have come up with extremely scrumptious recipes out of these limited options. Rush of people at eateries serving `vrat ka khana aur namkeen' is a common sight in the city. And given the enthusiastic public response each year, the food joints have increased the variety on the menu. The options are many and here are some of the restaurants serving vrat ka khana. 

South Indies
South Indies has a special menu on the occasion of 'Navratri' the joyous festival celebrated with much fervour throughout the country. The special menu is the painstaking creation of the renowned South Indian Chef Suresh Pandian, who has crafted the delightful menu after visiting many South Indian houses to recreate the authenticity of traditional Navaratri fare. The uniqueness of this creation is that the entire Navaratri menu is prepared without onions or garlic. The restaurant will be decorated with diyas, flower hangings, kolu and rangoli at the entrance to signify the celebration. On offer will be a special Navaratri a la carte menu for dinner and a set menu at Rs. 444/- plus taxes per person.
Where: South Indies, 100 feet Road Indiranagar and Infantry Road. Tel: 080-4163-6363

Mast Kalandar
Mast Kalandar too, in keeping with the traditions of enjoying these special days, has tuned into this festive season mood with a very special menu for Navratri and Dusshera. Mast Kalandar brings in the special vrat food. Anyone who is fasting can break the fast in any of the Mast Kalandar stores with a ‘Special Vrat Thali’. The Thali is cooked in a traditional manner to meet the fasting norms during these days. It features dishes like Aloo Ki Subzee, Arbi Kurkuri and Raita to be had with Kuttu ki Pakodi and Kuttu ki Purees (with minimal spices, Rock salt and Atta made from fruit tree leaf). To top it up is the delightful Kele ki chaat and to end is the mouthwatering Makhane ki Kheer (lotus seeds pudding).

This can be enjoyed by both who are fasting and those who don’t enjoy the nuances of these restrictive dishes. All the food cooked in the above Thali is sans the usual spices and made with special Sendha Salt (Rock Salt).  The Navarati Special Vrat Thali starts from 29th Sep and will be on for the entire 9 days. The Thalis priced at Rs. 149/- + taxes and is a foodie’s delight. The Food Festival starts on the 29th September and would be on till the 9th of October.
Where: All Mast Kalandar Outlets

In keeping with the traditions of enjoying Indian festivals the traditional way, this Navratri, the festival of nine nights, Rajdhani, the country's favourite thali restaurant, has introduced its Special Vrat Thali - prepared keeping in mind the traditions devotees of Durga Maa follow during this period fasting. The Vrat Thali, which can be enjoyed by everyone, provides a slice of authentic Gujarati cuisine offered by Rajdhani. The special festival meal will include sabudana wada, jeera aloo, sabudana khichdi, kuttu ke puri, rajgarra puri, kachhe kelle ki sabzi, farali pattice, banana cutlet, aloo finger, sabudana puri, singhare ke pakore, kuttu ke pakore, vrat ke chawal, singdana curd chutney, sabudana papad, among other specialties which are sans the usual spices and made with special Sendha Salt (Rock Salt).
Where:  UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Tel: 080-2213-3400

Limelight, Hotel Royal Orchid
The restaurant is offering a festive special menu for this Navratri. Break your fast with a feast and gorge on the special vegetarian Navratri thali. The special thali includes traditional dishes like kuttu ki poori, saabu daane ki kheer, aloo ki sabji cooked with sendha namak, milk barfi, kaddu (pumpkin) or bottle gourd ki sabji with kheere ka raita. These mouth watering dishes will definitely quench a hungry stomach. Besides, there are varieties of other exclusive dishes available -- Paneer Makhani, Kele ke pakode, Aloo ki subzi, Lauki tamater for starters and the main course includes Rajasthan food like Kair sangria, Govind gatta curry, Papad methi and Laakh ke chenne to name a few.
Where: Hotel Royal Orchid: Limelight, Airport Road. Tel: 080-2520-5566

Nine days, nine menus and also nine traditional sweets to boot; what more could you ask for this Navratri? Sample 25 kinds of dishes as part of the Royal Wodeyar Thali that will be served on October 17 or Vijayadashami. This thali is being offered as part of the celebrations of the 400th year of the Dasara performed by the Royal Family of Mysore: The Wodeyars. Feast on everything from Mysore Masala Dosa to Mysore Mallige Idli, to Bise Bele Bath to Mysore Pak and Coconut Holige. Modak will also introduce several kinds of planet friendly rice that is grown in arid areas into their cuisine such as Indrani, Ghandasala, Jeera Sanna, Rajbog, Mysore Mallige, Red Rice and Rajamudi. Don't forget dessert here which comprises ghee soaked modaks, gulab jamuns and honey and fig ice cream along with other sweet goodies.  
Where: At Modak, Koramangala, On from October 8 to 17. Tel: 99725 72309

Umerkot, the Indian Cuisine restaurant in Koramangala has special offers for the festival of Navratri from the 8 to the 17 of October between 7 PM to 11.30 PM.Umerkot’s Chef Sanjay Tyagi brings with him the wealth of culinary experience gathered from his travel across the globe. A combination of talent and expertise inspire him to create dishes that can well be considered into the realms of an art-form. Each element of the menu blends in harmony to bring forth an offering that is truly different. Under his watchful eye Umerkot offers an experience to the guests who appreciate the traditions that evolved Indian culinary art.
Where: Umerkot, Koramanagala. Tel: 080-25500426
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Suman Ram Apr 12th, 2011 02:04 PM

Stay away from Umerkot. Below average food and exorbitant price.

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