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Top 5 Kebab places in Bangalore

Kebabs aren’t just greasy late-night snacks, they are wonderful served as cocktail appetizers with a yogurt or fruity dipping sauce. Here's a list of top 5 kebab places in Bangalore.

Don’t know what it is about the hot
spicy Kebab’s that make them so irresistible. The tender meat, with the right mix of spices and slowly cooked in a tandoor is what makes kebab an ideal late-night snack. Kebab is essentially Persian in origin and Arabic tradition has it that the dish was invented by medieval Iranic soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires.

However, others have claimed the dish has been native to the Near East and East Mediterranean since ancient times. Αn early variant of kebab is mentioned in Ancient Greece as early as 8th century BCE. Ibn Battuta records that kebab was served in the royal houses of India since at least the Sultanate period, and even commoners would enjoy it for breakfast with naan. Here are our top 5 recommended places for Kebab’s in Bangalore.


On entering you are welcomed not only by the smiling staff but with a gush of smooth inviting aroma, coming straight out of the kitchen. The place specializes in preparing North Indian cuisines like exotic Biryanis, aromatic kebabs and rich curries. It has in its harmory not only the clay owens of Peshwari, the iron tandoor of Hyderabad, the exotic and slow simmered curry preparation of the Dumpukht and the largest offering from the open spit charcoal grilled kebabs. This place is sure to leave you asking for more!
Where: 28, Centenary Building, MG Road. Tel: 25584620, 25596961

Copper Chimney
Copper Chimney is widely acknowledged for its authentic Popular 'North Indian food', Copper Chimney was the first to introduce the show kitchen in India - where diners can watch the entire fascinating process of their kebabs being prepared. Serving the taste buds since 1972, this place is still delighting those with an appetite for tasty kebabs. Copper chimney is sure to serve some of the finest dishes filled with spicy food. Apart from the Kebabs, there is Butter chicken and Peshawari Lamb that makes for some fine appetizing food.
Where: No.47/48, 5th Floor, Bangalore Central Mall. Tel: 66111800, 66111900

Sahib Sind Sultan

This place specializes in Indian grills. The meat is prepared using complex methods from the northern Indian city of Lucknow – the former location of one of the Moghul courts – but the heating techniques are simple: the tandoor; the sigri, which is grilling over a coal-fired flame; or the tawa, which is cooking on a hot iron plate or griddle. As such, the dishes of grilled meats and kebabs are elaborate and aromatic. Dishes are morsel-sized and not cheap, but they’re fit for a rajah.
Where: Level 2, Forum Mall, Hosur Road, Koramangala. Tel: 22067878


Nostalgia and seductive antiquity will slowly surround you as you enter the restaurant. Smarkhand welcomes you with its rugged frontier charm and old oil lanterns. This place that will instantly remind you of grandeur Afghan palaces. Decorated with heavy use of wooden décor, from the neatly crafted doors to the tables, the place oozes of contemporary styling. The food composes of meaty grills and Shahi curries. Kebabs are best in its class and if you taste once, we are very sure in no time you will be back, again and again, asking for more.
Where: Gem Plaza, 66, Infantry Road. Tel: 41113364

Tunday Kababi, Tunday's
It is typical no frills place, but the smells of tandoor and kebabs will entice you from half a km away. The 100 year old Lucknow based 'Tunde ke Kabab' is the most famous outlet for choicest Kababs even today. The outlet was recently launched in Koramangala. The joint got its name when generations ago Mohammad Osman Haji started the enterprise with the special spices and ingredients that his ancestors had developed that were close to the gastronomic secrets of the kitchens of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah - the last of the kings, who was high on art, culture and music. Haji was disabled and had only one arm. Tunde is an insensitive but general epithet given to one-armed people. However, in this case it became a term of endearment.
.Where: Kormangala 5th block, Near Paramount Hotel. Tel: 9731553030
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