Venture Tuesday: Mr. Pronto – Shoe and bag repair clinique

Mr. Pronto started by Chennai-based entrepreneur Abhishek Dhingra is a shoe and bag repair Clinique. By combining craftsmanship and speed of modern shoe repair equipment, Mr. Pronto provides high-quality repair service.

High-end machinery is used for repairs at Mr. ProntoHigh-end machinery is used for repairs at Mr. Pronto

The traditional cobblers have given
way to more stylized shoe and bag repair Clinique’s. The industry which was once an unorganized sector has seen a major boom with specialized services being launched.

From stains to stitching, from sole repair to heel replacement, from shoe and boot laces to complete shoe repair, Mr. Pronto is a one stop shop for all your shoe repair needs. Their aim is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and best customer service possible. Started by entrepreneur Abhishek Dhingra, this unique service is the first of its kind in India. “I’ve seen this model outside of India and knew it would work here. We implemented it here and so far the response has been great. We have five centres in Chennai and recently opened an outlet at Mantri Square in Bangalore,” says Abhishek.

Abhishek Dhingra (left) with his teamAbhishek Dhingra (left) with his team

Mr. Pronto lives up to its name, it provides fast, high-quality repair work on shoes, bags and makes them look brand new again. He says, “This is a need based industry and the need was evident. The concept is not new but the idea to professionalize the industry was, so that prompted me to set up Mr. Pronto. We have technicians who are trained to do this, also we use only premium products that are sure to last long. And more importantly for 80% of the problems, we have instant solutions. Only in certain cases it might take a day or two. But the craftsmanship and great customer service is our USP,”

A well-known name in Chennai for the last seven years, Mr. Pronto repair all kinds of women's and men's leather shoes, sports shoes, sandals, formal and informal shoes. You could get your shoe re-soled, get basic orthopedic adjustments done, get ripped soles pasted and even shoes polished. Mr. Pronto also has specially imported insoles from Italy, these insoles are priced anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 800 and stick onto the soles of any type of footwear with the aid of a special silicon gel and these are extremely beneficial for diabetic patients. 

Mr.Pronto storeMr.Pronto store

Further explaining the process he says “We have trained technicians to carry out repairs, but most of the work is done through machines. We specialize in factory method resoling. Each pair of shoes is fitted with the proper last. The sole is removed, cork foot beds are stripped and replaced, and even welts and heel bases are replaced when necessary. We use a minimum of 19 steps in order to complete our resoling process. Our process is so detail-oriented that we even take the time to pre-grove a channel before stitching the new sole on. And consumers shell out anywhere between Rs. 30 – Rs. 600 on a repair job,”   

With seven outlets in just a short period of time, the company is growing; through its franchise program. Abhishek foresees a greater boom in its operations and business reach within the coming year. The chain is now expanding across Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Mysore. “Though our centres are not computerized, we would definitely like to get there soon. We are open to people wanting to help us out with computerizing our centres but as of now we are working on a strict budget,” he adds.
Mr. Pronto is at LG-28, Mantri Square, Malleswaram. They are open from 10.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. To know more log on to

Mr. Pronto

LG-28, Mantri Square, Sampige Road
Malleswaram, Bangalore -560003 Map

080 22667060
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Manesh Mar 29th, 2011 04:28 PM

Surya is the best person to to rely upon, please take his advice, it really works.

srikanth Feb 28th, 2011 04:57 PM

now the shop s opened in forum mall in 4th floor but unluckily its not mentioned in web site,so the people near by forum can visit the shop.. shop no 404,4th floor

nothing Feb 11th, 2011 04:39 PM

I like this service, though it is time consuming but still hatsoff.

junnanna Jan 02nd, 2011 03:14 PM

While all mentioned above is right and your vision is indeed appludable, its falling off at the final mile ! 
I gave a pair of shoes at Mantri mall Blr for re-soling (heel only) and your guys simply stuck a rubber heel onto the worn-out heel and returned it. It did look strange but like most glib-talking sales people your guys reassured me. On wearing it, I figured I've 'grown' a couple of inches (for someone who's already 6 ft 2 inches its strange) !!! Now to figure if I live with it, or drive 30 mins to give it back and then go again and pick it up, or just junk the shoe (the last option looks most attractive !!). 
Net - ensure you have a good manager at the store at all times or else the typical 'short-cut execution' will spoil all your efforts !!

satyapalsinghbaghel Nov 21st, 2010 11:00 PM

i want job sir in your company 

Rod Bloom Oct 05th, 2010 06:44 PM

Great article Shaq.... Well done!!!

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