Beauty & Fashion for the Mind Body and Soul is an institute in the city that has a curriculum focusing on the mind, body and soul concept. was an off shoot of founder Madhuri Hingorani’s own experiences with the fashion world. Years ago when she was an active name in the Bangalore fashion scene, bickering clients proved to be a deterrent in her creative pursuit. A year long sabbatical later, she embarked on a new realm called beauty and ever since Madhuri considers herself to be ‘the eternal teacher and student’. With a lot of international exposure in the field, she has been a beauty consultant with L’Oreal and is the currently appointed corporate grooming and etiquette instructor for the Taj Hotels, The Oberoi, The Leela and ITC to name a few. She finally embarked on her own institute in the city that concentrates on International Etiquette and Protocol, Personal and Corporate Grooming and Therapy training.

Madhuri stresses that today’s time is such that an ad hoc learning basis would not help in the longer run for a viable career. She says, “Training is of paramount importance. Today you need specialization with a difference. One needs to be equipped with sound training. Most people try to overlook theoretical training. Shortcuts only work some time. Never think training is a waste. It is like your bank balance. Training will always remain with you.”

This institute offers a wide range of courses like personal enhancement, make-up, hair styling, body language, health and nutrition, communication, fine dining, oenology, gift giving all under one roof. Courses offered here are very unlike the conventional courses and as Madhuri puts it, it is indeed difficult to find training in these aspects. Something like personal care or even gift giving for that matter might sound trivial to many but it certainly isn’t. It is these finer nuances that go on to build one’s persona. A formal certification is given after each programme.

Apart from training towards fine tuning one’s personal skills, the institute offers reiki healing, hypnotherapy, crystal healing and material success through raja yoga techniques. The art of dealing with the cosmic energies as these practices could be called hold primal importance in combating stress, negative thinking, wrong choices, emotional and mental disturbances, physical ailments, disease as well as to enhance inner peace, mental and emotional wellness. Madhuri herself has been trained under the fourth grand master in the world-Sensei Nalin Nirula. She adds, “Reiki absolutely changed my life. Each degree changed in its own way. You need a sound teacher. The difference between a grand master and a master is that the former contributes to the system. If I feel I can make a difference I’ll do it. I am the eternal teacher and student. Until you have gone through it yourself you cannot teach it with authenticity to others.”

These could be simple concerns; simple processes but behind it lies a scientific explanation. It is an empirical process. Madhuri finally signs of saying, “You do not need to have a great problem to go for therapy. It is develop and enhance one’s inner and outer beauty.”

Energie Inc

1C Eden Hall,
14th, 3rd Main, Jaya Mahal,
Benson Town, Bangalore -560046 Map

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Scary!! May 21st, 2011 09:51 PM

She is quite a faff... I had met a a few years ago and realized that she is a total fraud. Reading the article about her high-end massage parlor only confirmed what she really is.
Such a shame.

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